Saturday, December 27, 2008

Spin Cycle Countdown to 2009!

Are you a fan of indie?
Are you a fan of house?
Are you a fan of hip hop?
Or all at once?

Then think no further as Laundry will be mixing it all up on the last night of 2008!

Come on down and party into 2009 at Spin Cycle in Laundry Bar this coming Wednesday 31st December 2008 from 9pm onwards! This massive event features some of the most prominent DJs around town; cult indie duo Lapsap, electronic maestro DJ Raysoo and one of the hottest hip hop scratcher DJ Fuzz.

Lapsap = 5ft & Mr Puah

5ft and Mr Puah spent 1 minute in the Zumlaffen Correctional Centre after causing a stir in the design and hairdressing community. Their eclectic taste in music ranging from pop, electronic, rock to well, just about anything that sounds good was too much for them people at the Correctional Centre to handle. So they were pardoned… 5ft and Mr Puah were quite disappointed though. They fancied the centre’s menu offerings of meat spare parts and bitter gourd!

Disappointed, they were thrown to the Loft at Zouk. This was where they saw the rainbow and stumbled upon a leprechaun. The leprechaun advised them to take rubbish seriously. And when they discover the true value of rubbish, they will find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. 5ft and Mr Puah then set off on this mission to find the true value of rubbish by throwing unique private rubbish parties themed Lapsap (rubbish in Cantonese). There’s just no room for seriousness, just rubbish from conversation, experiences, fashion… anything that’s full of sh*t!

(taken from We Are Lapsap Facebook profile)


RaySoo is one of asia's leading djs, his unique and quirky sense of electronic house music has taken him the world over. Steadily building up a strong catalogue of his very own style of productions on various acclaimed international labels, he was named 'Best New DJ' 2004 and 'Best DJ' 2005 two years in a row in Malaysian Juice magazine's 'Best of' poll. After much touring and also maintaining his homeland residents during 2006. 2007 will see him holding residencies in various locations around the world, more touring and an artist album in the pipeline.

Ray started djing at the age of 14, and at 17 was one of the first local DJs to play at the now legendary Zouk Singapore on numerous occasions, as well as at its sister club Velvet Underground, for the very first "Sessions" parties in 1994, and holds the distinction of being the youngest dj featured there. His talent and passion for the music continued to enhance his regional profile, playing at such infamous clubs as Barracuda, Samsara, Liquid Room, Boom Boom Room and Heaven, culminating in his headlining performance at the massive 1998 Commonwealth Games Outdoor Closing Party at The Mines resort in Kuala Lumpur. 

Moving to London nearly a decade ago and securing residencies at such nights as GTI @ The Slug & Lettuce, RareFM radio, the self-organised Robot Rebellion @ The Drome and Ersatz @ Push, as well as numerous guest spots that include Kwaito @ Revolution, Gelb (Potsdam) and the Projektor Berlin Love Parade after-parties, he has successfully continued promoting his brand of cutting-edge electronic dance music to receptive European audiences.

(taken from

DJ Fuzz

DJ Fuzz was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He started DJing at the age of 22 in 1999, when he enrolled into Playaz Universe, Malaysia's first ever DJ school. After completing the course, he stayed on as a teacher for the advanced/professional courses offered there. Currently, he is running his own DJ Academy, Mixology DJ Academy, in Petaling Jaya. He was a former member of prominent Malaysian Hip Hop act, the Teh Tarik Crew. At the same time he holds the position of Promotions Director of Teh Tarik Records, one of the largest independent urban music record label in Malaysia. Check out DJ Fuzz's new skratch crew, Stylustiks;


DJ Fuzz can also be seen spinning regularly in Kuala Lumpur's top hip hop clubs and nights,currently spinning at Bar Club, Asian Heritage Row on Wednesdays, Ghetto Heaven nights at Zouk KL every Thursdays and DV8 KL every Fridays and Saturdays, regularly appearing on the hottest mixshow in the country, Club Hitz on Hitz.FM with Jakeman and Skeletor ( has won numerous DJ competitions (6 Malaysian Titles). Currently, he is the reigning champion for The Vestax Extravaganza and The Pioneer Digital DJ Battle. presently, DJ Fuzz is the official judge for the 2007 Malaysian Pioneer Battle. Being the only champion in these three years, DJ Fuzz is also the first Malaysian DJ who won in this particular battle.  


Represented Malaysia in the Asia Pioneer Digital Battle 2006. He also wrote regular columns teaching the art of DJing in Dragon Magazine called 'Mari Belajar DJ'. DJ Fuzz is currently pursuing into production. He is working on projects with numerous artists at this moment and these include K- Town Clan, Altimet, Mizznina, Dose 2, MC David, KLG Sqwad, Samir and other urban artistes from the Middle east eg DJ Lethal Skillz (Lebanon), MC Moe (Lebanon).


Fuzz's Mixology, the first official Malaysian Mixtape, is doing very well in all good Malaysian music stores. It features tracks from worldwide hip-hop artists such as Cesar Comanche and Encore from the States, the UK's Sinnikal, Koko DMV and Bonafide from Singapore, Soulid of Indonesia and a veritable who's who of independent Malaysian talent. Mixology - Junk Edition was released in May 2007 and it featured contributions from more countries like Czech Republic, Lebanon, Japan and Australia.

(taken from

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