Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fly FM Campur Chart 2008 Finale

Last Thursday at Laundry Bar hosted Fly FM's Campur Chart Goes Live 2008 Finale that showcased 3 explosive indie bands; Silent Scenery, Telephony Delivery and Skudap Skudip. It was a pretty interesting line up to say the least. With a dizzying rainbow mix of genres ranging from experimental to progressive to post-rock to ska to reggae, it was set to be one heck of a night. And what a night it was!

The Fly FM crew getting paparazzi-ed (minus the shameless vainpot at the back haha!)

The Fly FM crew and entourage

A supposed-to-be paparazi shot getting caught red handed by a Fly FM crew member! Time to get one of those super long telephoto lenses.

The ever so atmospheric Laundry Bar stage. It's amazing how great it looks even without performers on stage.

The lovely Fly FM Campur Chart emcee Hunny Madu introduced the opening band of the night, Silent Scenery, to a roaring applause from the Laundry crowd.

Crescendos of massive proportions, silent still moments, dreamy soundscapes. And sometimes all at once. Silent Scenery's music could possibly make you forget to gasp for air for just a milisecond. Powerful, powerful stuff.

Silent Scenery’s music has a promising blend of different musical genre, most notably the brit-pop, new wave sound and American alternative rock with a splice of folk. This unique assimilation of sounds can be considered a rarity as the band balances the experimental, unassuming, side of British music and the unwavering boldness of American rock with with relative control and ease, one meshing almost seamlessly into the other in support of a whole” - RAGE, The Star Newspaper

During a short break at the end of Silent Scenery's set, emcee of the night Hunny Madu invited a few guests on stage for a surprise game play with prizes to be won from Fly FM

Hunny explaining to a contestant on how to play the game. Or to be more specific, on how to dance!

The enthusiastic contestants getting jiggy with it!

"And the winner is...!"

The ever so playful Hunny Madu having a laugh with Telephony Delivery's guitarist, Pa'an.

Telephony Delivery is finally back on stage after a long hiatus

This band is truly a rare breed. Citing 65 Days of Static and Radiohead as their main influences, their experimental sounds and creates an extremely multi-textured sonic-scape. Dreamy yet real. Quiet yet explosive.

Azhar getting into the emotion of the music

DJ Shaheed Naz (who also sessions for the band Grape) is responsible for much of the superbly creative samplings that goes along with Telephony Delivery's wildly unique music

The ever power packed drummer, Adib Azfar (who plays for the band A New Fall)

An ever appreciative Laundry crowd giving a loud round of applause at the end of Telephony Delivery's set

While the final act of the night, Skudap Skudip, prepares for their performance, Hunny Madu takes the opportunity to invite a few guests on stage for another round of games

This time around the participants consisted of 3 girls and 1 guy. They were required to act in a scene where the guy is a wealthy and influential person whom the girls must impress in order to get a job from him.

It was pretty entertaining seeing all four of them drowning in utter shyness, but the good sports that they were did it anyway!

Long story short, the girl in the red dress won. For those who weren't there, go to the next photo and see why you should've been there to witness this (possibly) once in a lifetime event!

Nope, that's not Photoshoped. She actually did that! My jaw dropped for a good 273285 microseconds. And yes, I can see your jaw dropping from right across the screen!

And the winner is... the 'Mrs Fantastic' girl with the ultra twisty foot!

And the final act of the night, Skudap Skudip!

Everyone rushed to the front of the stage as soon as they came up on stage. It was madness!

Skudap Skudip is one of those bands with personality. Their character and music is as colourful as the spectrum of lights on Laundry's stage!

Dodd (frontman) and Payung (trumpet) having some fun on stage and doing some sort of, erm, dance!

Payung dancing and making funny faces, and just as entertaining without the trumpet!

Skudap Skudip brought the house down! Wait, let me rephrase that. Skudap Skudip brought the bar down! And they did it with style. Their infectious beats and awesome on-stage showmanship got the crowd to groove along and dance to the music. It was the perfect closing the Fly FM's Campur Chart Goes Live 2008 Finale!

Fly FM crew and entourage, and band members of Silent Scenery, Telephony Delivery and Skudap Skudip

Fly FM Campur Chart Goes Live will be back next January with a brand spanking new installment of indie artistes! Watch out for this space for updates.

"Santa's Chrismas Socks" - Come and celebrate Christmas at Laundry Bar this coming 24th & 25th December 2008!

"New Year Spin Cycle Party" - featuring DJ Lapsap, DJ Raysoo, DJ Soya, DJ Fuzz. 6 DJs, 3 stages, 3 styles. Party away and usher in the new year at Laundry Bar this 31st December starting from 9.30pm till 2009!


Kit said...

Yeah, Imam (also play for lightcraft) get very into the music. Ahahahahahahahahahaa!

I wonder when Imam joined Telephony Delivery.

Whoever who review this, thank you man, that line made my day!

To Clear The Confusion: That dude is not Imam from Lightcraft, he's Azhar from Telephony delivery, both of them look alike.


Kit said...

Please dont correct it first. We've gotta show Imam! Ahahhahaahha!

laundry bar said...

alamak. okay corrected! terribly sorry about that mix up. hehe

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