Friday, January 02, 2009

It's A Spin Cycle Party, Not A Revolution!

What a way to end the year. New Year Eve Spin Cycle Party at Laundry Bar was nothing short of a blast! DJ Soya, DJ Fuzz, Raysoo and Lapsap spun the night away with non-stop thumpin', pumpin' and all out explosions of house, hip hop and indie music reverberating through Laundry Bar and beyond. The three stages were jam packed with revellers partying and dancing till well after the new year countdown. The music was crazy awesome, the crowd was way out wild, and the place was vibrating to the beat of the music and the flow of the party. The Spin Cycle event at Laundry Bar on 31st December 2008 was nothing short of AMAZING!

The entrance into the Spin Cycle event at Laundry Bar

The cover charge came with 1 first drink

The crowd just kept coming in and coming in and coming in

DJ Soya on the decks getting ready to spin

It was still relatively early in the night but Laundry was almost completely full already

Everyone was given a free party pack! Woohoo!

Now that's a heck of a happy face!

Aha! So this is what glow sticks are for!

Tran, Nisa, Ify, Anyz, Hafiz and friends

It was raining party foam!

Yeah, they're there for Lapsap!

This was their 3rd hug by the time I snapped this photo. Haha!

DJ Soya starting his set for the night

Yet another failed papparazi shot! Haha

It only took awhile till the dance floor was flooded with guys and girls grooving to the music

DJ Fuzz takes over and starts spinning and scratching away

And... the crowd goes wild!

If only I took a video of this guy dancing. Man can he move! He was poppin' and lockin' and liquid dancing all the way!

Even these guys with formal office wear were getting into the music dancing on the seats!

Lapsap on the decks!

Blink takes a breather while Xu continues on spinning

Blink's energy was electrifying!

At the other stage, Raysoo was already spinning some chillout house music

The lighting in the arena where Raysoo spun was phenomenal. Hues of magenta, yellow, green, and blue filled the space.

These two were really getting it on!

By this time Raysoo started spinning heavier electronica tracks with a dash of trance and electro-clash

It was near midnight at the time this photo was taken and it was only a couple of minutes later that the fireworks were exploding in the sky, signalling the beginning of 2009.

And it's official! 2008 has ended, ushering the new year of 2009!

What a great celebration to welcome in the new year! It was a no holds barred party at Laundry Bar and everyone had tonnes of fun and gave it their all and partied away 2008 like there's no tomorrow. With great music, great food, great drinks, and great company, what better way is there to celebrate 2009!

May this year bring greater joy and happiness to everyone! And last but not least,


See ya around at Laundry Bar!

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