Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Penang Invades Klang Valley This Thursday

PETALING JAYA: Rumours of a Penang invasion of the Klang Valley have been confirmed. Penang will deploy 3 of their deadliest weapons in Klang Valley indie music headquarters, LaundryBar, at 9pm, 19th July 2007.

The assault will consist of mostly English rock music. Due to the kind and merciful nature of the Penang people, they decided against sending Hokkien bands.

The deadly weapons are Rock Bands code named Poseidon and Ocean of Fire, as well as a not-as-deadly-sounding Two Sides To A Story.

According to sex symbols ProjectBazooka, the invasion is not a hostile one, but an effort to bridge musical divides, and promote consumption of Penang Laksa, Tou Sar Pheah, Char Kwai Teow and food which may be very oily and hard to spell.

“Spread the word and rally up the troops, LaundryBar 9pm Thursday!”, says Wong Yu-Ri, a ProjectBazooka volunteer and Klang Valley native.

Residents of Klang Valley are advised to bring their ears, fists, and heavy shoes to LaundryBar this Thursday, as a precautionary defense. Historically, raising fists in the air and stomping madly to music encourages peace.

Experts predict the Penang Invasion to be either a unique and enjoyable experience, or a strange, ticklish one – which should be experienced firsthand.

Visit www.projectbazooka.com or "How To Get To LaundryBar" for further military intelligence.

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