Thursday, July 12, 2007

Laundry's Rainforest World Music Gathering

Laundry presents to you: The Rainforest World Music Gathering!
A little taste of what's to come for those of you who will be in Sarawak this weekend partying to the thumping beats of international world music artistes.
For those who will not be able to make it, Laundry brought to you a little piece of the action that is to happen.

The night opened up with a rather vigorous performance by the Grupo Bantus Capoeira. Lots of grass skirt twirling and acrobatic back breaking physical feats to make one gasp in awe.

The Tugu Drum Circle then took over with their beats to pump up the nights energy. They invite people to bring their own percussions and join in the fun!

Some cute little kids getting into the action.

Moving the party inside, Kadensa was all set up with their varied traditional instruments. Just looking at their gear is enough to bring one to a different place!

The Grupos Bantus Capoeira then performed the samba with the Tugu Drum Circle boys joining in the festivities. The pulsing beats got the crowd to their feet and shaking their thang.

The Purple Magic Sample Ensemble then wowed the crowd with their trippy take on things. Fronted for a few songs by the lovely Mia Palencia, they stayed true to their namesake by adding a little magic to the night.

Closing the show was Tugu Drum Circle, only my camera ran out of steam and died. I must assure you that the energy was crazy high with the boys beating those percussions into a fevered frenzy.

The lovely people

Wokeh. See all of you this this Thursday!!

Peace & Love!

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