Thursday, July 12, 2007

July's FlyFm Campur Chart

FlyFm helped kick off the start of a new month with a showcase of three local gems. KLG Sqwad, Project Ei8ht and OAG.

Citing varied influences that range from Pink Floyd to Skid Row and Red Hot Chilli Peppers to Queen, this five piece act hope to revolutionize the world with rock and roll. Having done the Battle of the Band circuit and underground gigs, Project Ei8th now have a debut EP out called Life Without Glory. Go check it out. Support your local underground musicians!

Klang represent! KLG Sqwad transcends color and creed, social boundaries and cultural stereotypes to serve hiphop to the masses straight up. Their last song for the night 'Freedom' was definitive of the muhibbah concept these boys advocate.

Last up was local darlings OAG! I haven't had the pleasure to catch them live in eons. The years have been kind to them, as they appeared to be on top form that night with their ever vivacious frontman working the laundry and its suds with his cheeky banter.

Check the people who came, saw, drank and conquered!

Is that Wan from The Rebel Scum??

Timothy with Singaporean DJ Ko-Flow and the graffiti artist who's name I can't remember >_<

Playing dress-up

Jo and Hana

What's the story behind the scarf? Tell me?

Updates on Laundry's Rainforest World Music Gathering soon..



Rauff said...

Catch their blog too~!

Anonymous said...

hey..what happen to the other piccah's? is there anywhere that we could view it? the one that didnt get through the blog?!

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