Monday, July 02, 2007

Disco Fever @ Crossborders

Last Thursday's Crossborders marked the end of the month of June.
The line-up that night drew a colorful crowd comprised of alternative rock fans, reggae enthusiasts and an insane number of fluorescent clothed disco lovers.

Alternative rockers Hujan got things started. They're probably one of the first (or is it the first?) band to have sung in our mother tongue here in Laundry..something I didn't realize until one of them pointed it out sometime later in the night. These boys drew a very fun-loving crowd that bopped on the dance floor like little energizer bunnies throughout the duration of their set.

Reggae act Pure Vibracion then took to the stage to spread messages of peace, love and harmony. The army of people congregated in front of the stage was suddenly peppered by a lot of red, yellow and green. There was also a lot of hair..

Last act of the night Inspirational Joni then came on, and it was Turbo Disco time!! This self-proclaimed dancerock band from Indonesia drove the crowd into a fevered frenzy that resulted in a few table casualties. Influenced by the likes of The Clash and Joy Division, they played a raw, rocking and crazy fun set.

There was a lot of crowd surfing going on during their set and people were literally crashing onto the indicator of a good night.

I really like his red jeans btw. Heh..heh.

Party People!!

Wan of the Rebel Scum and Hujan's vocalist.

We heart Inspirational Joni!

FlyFm's Campur Chart is this Thursday! Laundry's World Music Gathering is this Friday!
We've got your social calendar more or less sorted for this coming end of the week!

See you there!

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KilKenny said...

joni rocks.lead was cute..asikkk skali dong!

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