Monday, June 18, 2007

Vandal's Album Launch

The launch party for Vandal's TROACO Album finally hit Laundry last Friday night after keeping all eager hip-hop enthusiasts/party-goers wiggling in anticipation for many long weeks.
Laundry was packed!
It was all sweaty, gyrating bodies piled one atop another. Sounds fun ei?
Yes it was.

DJ Tasc from Toronto on the decks

Funk-rock band IG Collective was Vandal's backing band for the night. Paired with DJ Tasc, they created a fusion of funky grooves and hip hop sounds.
Vandal's genuine love for real hip hop laced with rhymes that reflect a true world artist made for a unique, high-energy experience.

Special guests Stylustiks' three-pronged attack on the decks left the floor bloodied, with sharp mixing and fatal scratches from wax wizards Fuzz, Uno & Cza.

IG Collective playing pretend. Hee hee!

Pop Shuvit joined Vandal sometime in the night. With high voltage raprock, onstage veterans Moots!& Co kept the set edgy.

Towards the end of the show, Teh Tarik Crew's Mizz Nina, Too Phat's Joe Flizzow and Gold Mountain took to the stage, ending the night on a high, celebratory note.

The people who came..
Some luvly couples...

Murat & Prema

Nelson & Nazim *ahem*

Adam of Dragonred and his girlfriend

Dhanya inhaling food..

Cza, Yaniz & Friend

Hani, Christian & friend

Mizz Nina & friends

Azwin Andy & the fairy with her traffic stopping red bob

Go peep the man of the night, Vandal, here.

Peace & Love!

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