Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Instructions For Thursday Night (21/06)

7:30pm : Choose an outfit which is sexy but not revealing.

8:00pm : Have some dinner with a friend you really like (but not in a kinky way)

9:00pm : Head by to The Curve and meet up with 2 more friends at laundrybar

9:30pm : Buy some authentic band CDs and catch them LIVE.....!!

Witness a feature performance of art-rock lovelies - "Citizens of Ice Cream" and "The Deserters".... as they promote their new EPs - this means you can buy their CDs the very same night!

Citizens of Ice Cream are the only band to ever play for projectbazooka TWICE. Which sez a lot. They're highly acclaimed in the local circle for blending pop melodies with brilliant aural textures, and delivering engaging live performances. Come get their CD - and play it in your car to impress people with your indie taste.

Once you had your fill, have some desert.

The Deserters have this one song which got stuck in my head for 24 hours. The song is called 24 hours.

They're a really good band to catch - and if you don't trust me, here's what Juice Magazine said

"…setting the bar high with catchy hooks and jangly guitar choruses that had elements of Oasis and The Smiths, Deserters showed that being the newest kid on the block didn't mean that they couldn't pack a mean punch."

"Jangly"? What's "Jangly"? Someone please tell me. All I know is, when I was young I used "Jangly" to describe the feeling of not wearing underwear in my school pants.

Anyhow. I've brought friends to watch them both before, and they have said

"Wah! They local is it?"

"They write their own songs is it?"

"Eh why you never ask Bernard to come? He sure like wan."

As far as I can tell - those responses meant they liked the band.

Anyways, you know the drill. Bring your gig kaki and walk the talk.

Date: 21st June 2007
Time: 930pm
Venue: Laundrybar
Price: free entry
Bands: Citizens of Ice Cream, The Deserters, Deepset, The Karl Maka (Singapore)
Love you long time
Khailee & Yu-Ri


simon cheah said...

y isnt there any blog about what happened on last thursday?

bar.laundry said...

hmm... scroll down?

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