Monday, June 18, 2007

June's Moonshine

This June's Moonshine played host to an eclectic mix of singer-songwriters and bands.
Opening the night was Monoloque, the solo effort of Butterfinger's guitarist Loque. Armed with only the bare necessities and Loco, it was an experimental foray into digital realms that challenged musical conventions.

And then there was Ferns.. the band with the furry album and easily digestible pop tunes with tree hugging influences. Go to their myspace to have a listen to some of their stuff.

Folk singer and visual artist Karen Nunis was next, crooning out folk rock songs with bluesy influences in her trademark husky voice. Her new release Dark Sun Big Rain is out in stores now!

The majority of the crowd that night appeared to have come to witness Monoloque's virgin performance. By the time Singaporean imports Moods took to the stage, the floor was significantly emptier. Pity though, as they played an emotive set that glimmered with restrained sexuality. They also did a Portishead cover; thrilling all those present.

Post-rockers KLPHQ closed the night. They had initially planned to play an improvised set as their drummer was awol that night, only at the last minute, a drummer by the name of Simon was delivered to them. For someone who had never previously played with the band before, I thought he did a pretty awesome job. Big ups for Simon and KLPHQ!

The many who came..

A little pouting..

Vandal and his crew who were set to perform the next night..

Catch all of you this Thursday down at Laundry for the weekly wash!

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