Monday, May 14, 2007

When the Moonshines..

It was Moonshine night.
Estrella, Furniture, Laila's Lounge and They Will Kill Us All were the juicy bait, and all the fishies turned up a-biting. Laundry was stuffed with eager music aficionados sitting, standing, squatting and perching anywhere and everywhere physically possible; inducing claustrophobia to all wussies who can't take the heat.

First up was acoustic act Estrella, churning out loungey, easy listening tunes reminiscent of old Cardigans. Originally a duo-act, she was backed up that night by a full band of sessionists.

Furniture delivered an ambient, spacey, post-rock set that was made distinct by the vocalist's child-like vocals..

Laila's Lounge;the band on everyone's lips lately played a tight indie-rock set that reminded me very much of Radiohead, The Verve and Doves..

And last but not least.. there was They Will Kill Us All. Their set was half an hour of blistering intensity, delivering a musical experience that left one reeling from the impact even after the music stopped.

Smirnoff pimping..

The visual dood whom I want to pat.

DJ Nesh and Damian

Jehan, Zack and Friend..

Ask Me Again's vocalist and friends..

Shafiq and friends..

Batak, Miroll and friend..

Jeremy and Jeff..

I thought I'd get you all acquainted with the boys behind the bar.. so here they are doing (trying rather..) their best impersonation of sexy!

Ali getting his pout on.




And lastly, Marcus the manager!

Now you know them on a first name basis!

See below: Faspitch from the Phillipines is playing at Laundry on the 31st of this month. Excited? You should be.

Peace & Love!

See you at Project Bazooka this Thursday!


Anonymous said...

marcus...tell alvin...he's the most "SUCK" bartender in LAUNDRY!...serius!!!! SUCK DUDE!...

laundry bar said...

hey yo.. where is the love man.

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