Thursday, May 10, 2007

Deb Fung Live!

A lovely lass by the name of Deb Fung came all the way from down under to the dark recesses of Laundry Bar to serenade us with her hauntingly beautiful voice and a guitar last Thursday.

The always charming Paolo Delfino started off the night. I only have nice things to say about this boy, as I am in love with his voice and quirky lyrical wit. As a certain DJ said that night, "He enunciates!" And it's a good thing he does too, because Paolo is not just a prettyboy karaoke machine; a large part of his appeal stems from his lyrical genius.

Deb Fung sings like an angel. As cheesy as that sounds, she does exude a certain angelic girl-next door appeal when on stage. Her voice is light, wispy and ethereal. Much like that of how one would imagine an angel to sound. I do wish she performed more of her original compositions and less Jewel covers; it was a little freaky watching grown men sing along to Jewel songs.

The crowd..

Is that DJ Goldfish I spy?

Murat and gf, two parts of I.G Collective.

I just found out last night one of the waiters is called E.Honda. Hmm...

Petrina and Reza

Jiji, Trina and James

Ian and Eddy

And finally.. Jiji, Trina and a pinch of Hani, as she has been banned from appearing in this blog due to overexposure:)

Peace & Love!

See you at Laundry tonight for the weekly wash!

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