Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Has Your Mother Been To a Rock Show?


How did you celebrate mother’s day? All warm n fuzzy?

But do tell me.

Has your mother ever been to a ROCK SHOW?

Has she been to LAUNDRYBAR? To see 3X entertaining, talented local bands play FULL SETS ( 30-40 mins long ) of original, melodic, engaging rock music?

Tell me.
C’mon… tell me.

Has she?

For many of you, the answer is yes, im sure.

After all, we are music fans who know a good gig right? We all know Project Bazooka dishes out good gigs for mother yea? Hmm?

We know it is a SIN.... a DEADLY SIN to deprive our dearest mothers of the enjoyment of project bazooka @ laundry…....

So we have ALL brought our mothers to gigs?


Tell aunty Yu-ri and Khailee are doing fine.
Yes, we actually have real jobs.
No, we don’t smoke.

Tell aunty the REAL mother’s day is this Thurdsay. And the gig is at Laundrybar (MAP), 17th May 2007

The bands are unusual, but tight, talented n quirky….

* Borange * Telephony Delivery * Duke

It starts at 930 pm sharp, and “duneed pay to go in”

And tell all your friends who have NOT brought their dearest mothers to rock shows to come and celebrate the mother of all gigs ;)


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