Monday, May 28, 2007

FlyFm's Campur Chart Has Landed!

Last Thursday was the first night that FlyFm's Campur Chart went live!
The first three chart-toppers to hit the stages of Laundry were Two Sides To A Story, One Buck Short and Transient Vortex.

The party started a little later than scheduled that night, but that did not at all affect the high spirits that were evident in the faces of all the lurvelies that turned up to catch their favourites!

The two Fly Boys were present to host the show and provoke the crowd into a fevered frenzy..

Two Sides Of A Story started off the night with a distinctively alternative-modern rock set. Their socially aware song themes and melodious rocking guitars served to set them apart from other modern rock counterparts.

These boys were joined by a smoking hot guest vocalist!

Before One Buck Short hopped onstage, the human beat box Shamik and MC Vandal hit the stage to serve up some wikked freestyling ryhmes.
For those in the dark, Vandal's album launch is coming soon and that is not something to be missed!

Shamik... the walking talking beat box. The question on all our minds?
How does he do that thing with his mouth??
Go check him out HERE

This cheeky punk rock outfit comprised of former HELP and Apiit students have been making waves in recent years. Their nomination for the Best Rock & Best Live Act for the Malaysian English Top 10 Awards is testament to their always electric live performances.

The last act for the night was drum & bass outfit Transient Vortex! Never having had the pleasure to catch their sets before, I asked Sam what sort of music they played. He described it as electronica..somewhat like Duran Duran. *ahem*
Somehow I think they lean more towards the drum & bass/breakbeat tag. Regardless of genre however, these boys put up a show that can only be aptly described in their own words as "rhythmic chaotic frenzy".

Vandal & Shamiq added a healthy dose of sugar and spice to Transient Vortex's already rocking set.

The people who came...

Is that Wan of The Rebel Scum I spy??

Hokeh.. that about sums the night up. Next up for FlyFm's Campur Chart goes Live; The Rebel Scum, Love Me Butch and The Cosmic Space Munkys!!

Peace & Love people!

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