Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Mother's Day Rock Out

In conjunction with Mother's Day, Project Bazooka raised the question: Has your mother ever been to a rock show?

To entice all the ungrateful children who have kept their lovely mother's in the dark from the magic of rock, the mother of all gig's was thrown. Borange, Duke and Telephony Delivery were recruited to serve up rock 101 of the night.

It was someone's birthday..
And there was cake..nyumm..

And this special someone had to stand on a chair.. he he.

It was also one of the bartender's birthday, only he got served a dunking in the fountain. Not cake. He he.

Okay, so Borange opened the night. This young band is comprised primarily of Help University students (if I'm not wrong), and as with all their gigs, brought with them their posse of young fans who loved up every second of their high energy pop punk set. Their fans can be said to be stricken with Borange fever.

Boranges anyone?

The hot emcee for the night..

And Duke!

This band has undergone several line-up changes over the years, and some of you may remember them from some band competition they were a part of some time ago.. I can't recall what it was called. But one thing that has remained consistently sure about this band is their emotionally rousing, radio-friendly brand of alternative rock that range from the sort-of-mellow to straight up rocking!

Jo, previously of Novokane, Amigone, John's Mistress and now Duke!


Do go to the band's myspace to check out a couple of their tunes!

Telephony Delivery were the last band of the night. No stranger to the stages of Laundry, these post-rockers did not fail to deliver a brilliantly ambient and beautiful set! Do go here for updates on their latest gigs and to have a little taste of Telephony Delivery.

Last Thursday's eye candy..

Gunther & friend..

Amit (previously the drummer of bands such as Damn Dirty Apes, 18SGG, John's Mistress and Novokane) & May.

Bobo & his lurvely girlfriend.

Loque of Butterfingers & the lurvely Dahlia.

Vanessa, Ali & Joel.

Rahul of One Buck Short, Moots of Pop Shuvit & Ash!

The oh so sexy mug of beer..

See y'all tomorrow when Flyfm's Campur Chart goes Live @ Laundy!!

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