Saturday, June 02, 2007

Borders Crossed.

This month's Crossborders saw two international acts; namelyFaspitch (Philippines), Furcurve (Australia), and local act Deja Voodoo Spells rattling the walls of Laundry.

There's been a recent trend of post rock and hip hop acts (Coincidence..? I don't know) here in Laundry Bar, and while I got love for music of all genres, it was a pleasantly different form of musical escape this last Thursday night.

Crossborders sprung a last minute surprise act on us with Furcurve, the first band up for the night. Raw, unabashed and punk as sin, this is a band to watch. I like!

Their uber-flamboyant vocalist ricocheted off the walls of Laundry with wanton abandonment, further adding to the hell-raising insanity of their raucous set.

Deja Voodoo Spells then came on. These boys are like technically precise musical machines. Having been nominated for several local music awards in recent years, they played a set that did not fail to dissapoint their fans present.

And then there was Faspitch. These boys delivered a dauntlessly ferocious set that sounded very much like early Deftones (to me anyway).
Interesting little musically irrelevant observation Hani and I came upon: The lead vocalist Henry bears an uncanny resemblance to Syarul of Love Me Butch! Brothers of a different mother perhaps? He he.

Kevin & Meng's lurvly girlfriend.

The Furcurve boys.

James & Edwin of They Will Kill Us All.

Ra & Dana of ApSci (New York) who were set to perform at Laundry the next night. More on that later!

Winder and girlfriend Sarah.

Syarul & girlfriend Sha.

Miggy & Niles.

Jeff & friend.

Joanne Kam and Rashid Salleh!

Lastly..the necessary eye candy for you boys to feast your greedy little eyeballs on:)

Ahh.. and is that Vanessa I spy?

Wokeh..updates on ApSci's return to Laundry coming soon!

Peace & Love.


Anonymous said...

hey! how do i book gigs in Laundry bar? can i get contact details please? im from Manila in the Philippines. - Jorel

Anonymous said...

sorry didnt leave any of my contact data. my email is thanks so much!

laundry bar said...

hey jorel, do drop us an email with the details of ur band/gig at, we'll see what we can work out.


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