Saturday, April 07, 2007

Exploring the Depths of Laundry

The Deep Laundry Project boys (namely Rabbit, Nicky C, Jungle Jerry, Justin & Krishna) were at Laundry the other Thursday night to serve up a healthy serving of sultry tunes.
Only a small but cozy crowd turned up, and this I attribute to the bleak, drizzly, sometimes rain sometimes never rain weather that plagued us all day.
Those who did turn up appeared to want to snuggle up with their drinks and respective partners whilst enjoying some good music; and Deep Laundry Project successfully delivered a set with equal amounts of chill out and booty-shaking.

Krishna and his obscenely long tongue. What is with this protruding pink tongue phenomenon??

Some shots of the luvlies who braved the rain..

Hani doing an imitation of Laundry's graffiti..

A little bar climbing..

Su, Krishna & Justin

Tim & Nesh

Oritey, Exit Music updates soon!
Enjoy your weekend!!

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