Thursday, April 12, 2007

Exit Music!

It was Exit Music at Laundry!

Lurks, Telephony Delivery and Analogsix rocked the walls of Laundry with their individual brand of post rock, new wave electronica.

Lurks were the first band to take the stage, easing the crowd into the night with their Depeche Modish musical stylings. Their subtle interweavings of electronica and pop has the effect of a warm wave teasingly embracing one's soul.

Telephony Delivery were next to take the stage. Sounding very much influenced by post-rock band Mogwai, these boys weaved an intricately beautiful soundscape that leaves one awed as each glimmering layer is peeled back and revealed, at the meticulous musical detailings and designs.

Finally, there was Analogsix. My personal favourite of the night, these boys wowed the crowd with their kooky blend of modern day indie-rock , nostalgic feet-tapping, shoulder-swiveling dance beats of the 80s, and a healthy dose of rocking-out. Definitely a band to look out for!

The music enthusiasts who came..

Spreading the love..

Marcus of Laundry on the left, off-duty and looking sexy.

Angry bartender. Hee hee:)

Supa-stylo people..

Hokeh. More updates coming soon!

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