Thursday, March 08, 2007


Soul rock crooner Reza Salleh and blues meister Isaac Entry played last Thursday, helping ease us over-worked, frazzled, over-caffeinated rat-race chasers gently into the month.

Reza serenaded Laundry's patrons with a sweet and simple acoustic set aided by Hanafi on guitars. His dreamy vocals had the ladies sitting at the table beside me swooning! That, obviously is not something new for the moonshine master, but I am stating it here nonetheless for it amuses me:)
For those of you who want a little piece of Reza, go here!

He also did a rendition of an STP cover. I'm not too certain of which STP song it was, so I'm not going to risk a guess lest I get banged on the comments section again:)

Isaac Entry and friends played next, serving up a healthy dose of bluesy goodness. Semi-acoustic blues, light-hearted funk and a harmonica... for some odd reason they vaguely reminded me of B.B King..particularly when Isaac did that open-mouthed grin of his..

Hani and Brandon!

Kevin, Krishna and two lurvely ladies!

The sexy men of Laundry posing with even sexier Heineken bottles!!:)

Ok. Gonna head down to Laundry tonight for my weekly wash. Laters!

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lishun said...

the stp song was "plush". =)

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