Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Moonshine @ Laundry

Jerome Kugan, Auburn, Lightcraft and Tempered Mental were Moonshine's stars for the night last Thursday.

However, before proceeding further with this post, here's a picture of two of the men behind the bar who work tirelessly to keep all of you nicely tanked up each night! The cutie-pie on the left just won some bartending competition, which makes him a walking testament that Laundry serves up wicked cocktails!

Jerome Kugan. A multi-talented, self-taught musician, he manages to blend acoustic with electronic and rock with chill out disco. Standing a lone figure on stage he radiated with such charisma I was floored. Who was this dood?
I had never heard of him prior to this, possibly because he has yet to sell his soul to the mainstream pimps, but Jerome has won awards for music he composed and is a part of Troubadours Entreprise. He is said to be currently working on his debut album, so let's keep our finger crossed and hope it'll be released soon!

Angel avengers of rock Auburn played next, bringing with them a little slice of modern rock heaven. Their atmospheric form of rock-out tell stories of love, unpredictable seasons and raw expressions that are bound to elicit emotions even from the most dreadful cold fish.

The Lightcraft boys and their melancholy indie tunes then took over the stage. Very much influenced by the British indie scene, their music shimmers with underlying brilliance and makes one think of landscapes.
Well.. it makes me think of landscapes and yellow daffodils. Don't ask me why.

Last but not least, there was Tempered Mental. Fronted by the lovely Melina, this three piece band played a very tight set marked by Melina's emotional vocal delivery and melodies. I last heard that they were working on their first full-length album due to be out sometime this year, so check out their myspace for updates!

Some shots of the people who came..

Note: Some of the pictures were taken by Albert . My camera suffered a premature death and he was kind enough to help me out.. though I suspect it was to shut me up once I started whining. Thank you dahlink!!

Catch y'all tomorrow night when Laundry morphs into a J-Hole!!

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