Thursday, March 15, 2007

Drill into the J-Hole this Thursday

This thursday..... Experience Japanese Rock culture + music


Glam-rock, goth, neo-punk, evil schoolgirls, searing guitars and wailing vocals, rolled into one big dragonball.

We're talking about the ROCK side of Japanese pop culture.

  • It's more than your Yamaha guitar.
  • It's bigger than SushiKing and hipper than HelloKitty.
  • No oldman Kitaro, girly pop Kiroro, or girlyboy Rain (cuz he's korean).

We're talking about very fierce SUPER UNDERGROUND japanes-ish bands... Armed with crazy outfits, chains, studs, piercing, huge hair, and bazookas worth of eyeliner.

I'm not lying.

Here is a picture taken the night I first discovered them in some underground J-HOLE in serdang.

(I didn't take pix of the neo-tokyo-punks coz i was afraid of getting stabbed by their accessories.)

These tough nuts don't give a shit about your indie clothes or suit n tie...
they are dressed in excess to playing the most popular J-ROCK hits!
Expect covers from Glay, Luna Sea, L'arc en-ceil...
heck I dont kno the names but they are really J, and coming your way.

They'll also bring some of their own J-influenced originals....
and raging gangs of COSPLAY fans storming the place...
only to be kept in control by Mayumi, who will be hosting the entire event in Japanese.

(cosplay = dress up in costumes or popular japanese characters)

Laundrybar will become an underground tokyo J-hole overnight.

Miss this, and you'd better hara-kiri.
Get my (tokyo) drift?

  • japanese rock music live at laundrybar
  • bands = mage, strawberry jam,
    haze feat miniature garden
  • hosted by mayumi
  • cosplay = you
  • free entry
  • 930pm Thursday 15th March 2007



This event is brought to you by the daring Project Bazooka with the support of the even more daring Laundrybar

See you there!


Gadis di Tepi Tingkap said...

what time lah wey?

laundry bar said...

9.30 onwards my lovelies...
miss laundry

StevenIOWA said...

THANK YOU to all of u guys/gals attented the gig....

we do enjoy ya and hope u so...

ROCK ON forever...

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