Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Harajuku Nights!

It was a JRock invasion!
They came.. pimping adrogeny, piercings, multi colored hair and rock & roll...Jap style of course.
Khai Lee and Yuri first discovered them in Serdang, all of them part of the Malaysian underground Japanese subculture. Malaysian to the bone but heavily infused with Japanese influenced fashion and musical stylings, they are as Jap as Malaysian can be!

Haze featuring Miniature Garden, Strawberry Jam and Mage put on a helluva show last Thursday in Laundry!
As expected, there were the Glay, Luna Sea and L'arc en ceil covers, all delivered with such obvious passion that the lines between reality and cosplay dress-up were blurred after awhile. They were scarily convincing in their adopted Japanese rock identities, and everyone present that night loved it up!

Mayumi was the lurvely host for the night:)

Haze featuring Miniature Garden were up first. Their lead vocalist reminded me of an Asian Avril Lavigne (minus that annoying bad attitude Avril seems to flaunt like a badge of honor).

Next up was Strawberry Jam with their brand of Japanese hardcore music. They played a very head-banging worthy set:)

And last but not least.. there was Mage!!

And now for the notties and hotties who came...

Mage's guitarist and drummer

Yuri, Mayumi and Khai Lee

Mayumi's Japanese friend..

Visual Kei boys!

The hottest of them all!! SO CUTE!! *pinch cheek*!!


Anonymous said...

Erm.. I noticed 1 mistake. One of the band names was stated Strawberry Garden. >.<" It should be Strawberry Jam. Hehe~

laundry bar said...

whoops sorry! our mistake..

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