Saturday, March 03, 2007

Crossborders Lovefest

Everybody Loves Irene and Freelove played in Laundry the other night.
I just realized that both bands have the word 'love' in them... Everybody Loves Irene and Freelove.
I could be reading too much into it. It could be a coincidence. It could also be Crossborder's corny attempt to jump on the Valentine's Day bandwagon.
Either way, it really doesn't matter cause both bands brought with them very distinct musical stylings that breathed a lovely breath of fresh air into a packed-as-all-hell Laundry.

Indie rock band Freelove opened the night. Hailing from Ipoh, their rock-out, no holds barred take on rock & roll brought the crowd to the forefronts of the stage, tongues a-wagging for more!
Personally, I thought that their lack of pretentions when delivering their music contributed very much to their strong stage presence.

The first shirtless drummer I've had the pleasure to spy in Laundry. To all the bands out there, I say don't be shy hunnies.. take it all off!! :)

Justin hopped on stage after their set to introduce the next band, Everybody Loves Irene..

This Indonesian band claims to play music for 'times when ecstasy wears off and the tingle becomes a chill'. While that may be true, I am pretty sure that Portishead fans who were present that night were in throes of orgasmic ecstacy throughout the duration of their set. This trip-hop outfit mesmerized the crowd with their multi-layered electronica sounds, wistful guitars and haunting vocals. Everybody certainly LOVED Irene!!

And now for pictures of the luvlies who came!

My cousin Val and her friend Shao-lyn who valiantly muscled her way through the crowd to score an Everybody Loves Irene EP.

A fraction of the many people sitting, squating, crouching and standing around the stage. The discomfort was worth it. The bands that night really rocked!


I think the guy in the green shirt looks like and Asian version of one of the American Idol contestants.. look like right?? :)

Well, that about wraps up February. How time flies!! I'll be back soon with more updates on last weeks happenings.

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