Monday, February 12, 2007

Timeless Voices of America Showcase

It was yet another supa-fun Friday night at Laundry. Hip-hop act Timeless Voices of America who hail from the States were down to entertain the crowd with their phat beats and lyrics and melodies that resonate with soul.

Dj Nesh warmed the night up with some groovy tunes.
The Laundry shy crowd who were seated outside gradually migrated inside and closer to the stage. Close enough to taste the sweat!

Mc Vandal, everybody's favourite hiphop emcee did a short and sweet little act that left us all wanting somemore..

He kept prancing around this is probably the only clear shot I managed to catch of him on stage. Later on in the night he kept appearing in every picture :)

Next up were Timeless Voices of America (TVOA) who were there to serve up classic hip-hop tunes with R&B spice.
They each have their individual myspace pages, so I thought I'd link it up for those of you who want to check out their solo tunes.

Chris Rel

Denny Jackson

I didn't manage to snap a clear picture of him, but DJ Jason "Sire" Turnbull produced 50 Cent's "Window Shopper"!

They're currently doing a little tour around KL, so for those of you who missed their set last Friday, there's a list of venues they'll be playing on Denny's myspace. You can still catch them!!

Here's a few shots of the sexy men in attendance that night striking a pose.. hee hee

DJ Nesh!!

MC Vandal!!

Daniel!! (who's hips don't lie:))

....And the beautiful women in attendance..


Tim, Vandal & EeKin (did I spell that correctly??)

I thought I'd end this post with a rather unexciting shot of the cute little Chinese New Year lanterns dangling above the bar...but really.. they're so cute.. tiny little red lanterns that you want to pop into your mouth like a cherry!!

Hmm.. Valentine's Day is coming up.
Laundry is having a hawt singles get together, so for those of you who have had your heart's ripped to bloody shreds recently or have been desperately seeking for someone to graft yourself on to, do hop on by.
He he.. I kid.. I kid.. what I really mean is, ditch the boyfriend or girlfriend!
Leave them at home!! Come to Laundry and party on with other hot single people!!
See you there.

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