Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Moonshiney Night

The first two bands who went up were Neomedicus and Zach Tay Trio

The name Neomedicus really baffled me
What in fairy's name is 'neomedicus'?

Something to do with medicine?
Medicine makes me think of cough mixture, which brings me to woozy = good
Neo... one...

I'm not ashamed to admit i have no clue what it meant so i googled it for the fun of it
... it doesn't exist on dictionary.com -_-

'Tis a catchy name, i must admit.

"Neomedicus: -
These boys open mic-ed a few Moonshines ago and I was quite taken by their infectious pop funk/rock driven riffs. Alot of energy and alot of feet thumping to this one. A 4 piece act initially called Epicure, Neomedicus have been around for quite some time, starting out in '98 and gigging around KL during the indie scene heydey back then. They've had a few releases in past and are currently working on an EP. They don't hold back so fasten your seat belts."

- Moonshine Master's words, utterly and shamelessly stolen from Moonshine Blog

"Zach Tay Trio: -
Alternating back and forth between here and Melbourne and popping open popular open mic nights. Joined by Jon on drums and Godesh on bass, they form the Zach Tay Trio and showcase a blend of alternative and pop rock. More here."

The affable Reza Salleh went on next with a trio, each already known for their involvement in other bands
Talk about a man with a mean back up band, you know.

He crooned tunes going by the titles of Soultune, Smoke City, Trachitella, The Dotted Line
Rest & Relax, and Battery

Everyone was very well-behaved and that night


Well almost everyone.

I scooted over to the bar to get me another wine
And found two little hooligans there.
I guess birds of a feather flock to the same spot together

Said hooligans - Bobo of CosmicSpaceMunkys and Sandra of Crazyland

We proceeded to enjoy Reza's performance
Whereupon our attention got diverted by other aspects other then his music

"Do you realise... *stares at Reza*... that even if you don't find someone attractive, once they start singing or playing the guitar or whatever instrument, suddenly they're damn sexy?"
"YEAH MAN! *jumps up and down*"

Both continue to study Reza's contorted face of concentration.

"And that face. It's like you can imagine them in bed."
"I know right, and all the sweat, ooohhh...."

Will press the pause button here before Reza never comes near us again.

Melina of Tempered Mental fame.

Hanafi from Estranged.
Their album will be launching in Laundry on the 28th of this month!

Ashvin Nair (Malaysian Idol finalist) was up next
I requested that he pretend to look stressed out for the camera

Looking back at the picture, i said, "Urm Ash? Your pose damn fake la. Just stick to singing okay?"
He pushed me away.

He belted out songs like A Day Before Tomorrow, Runaway, Crazy, A Long Way Home and a cover from the Vervepipe - Freshmen.

Happy peeps at Laundry! -

Asked this party animal friend christened Ravin to take a picture.
He complied.

Asked him whether i could snap one of his friends
They all shouted "TRINAAAA!!!!" while it flashed

Bass Agents were present again
I didn't think bands are their scene hence they were found outside

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