Thursday, February 08, 2007

Check It

Soundcheck was on the night of February the 1st
I expected it to be damn 7 crowded but surprisingly... it wasn't!

After some consideration, i thought it must be due to the public holiday that day and how everyone must have mabuks all out on Wednesday night already
Hence Thursday was for recovery
Friday, work
Then Friday night party again

Seeing i was in recovery mode myself, the number of people and atmosphere there was just perfect
Every table taken up, but not insanely packed

I reckon if anything, *tonight* will be insanely packed with Moonshiney peeps

Had cabonara and a house red
Snapped a random pic which turned out swirly nice

It's usually super dark inside Laundry
But for once, the lights were dimmed instead of dark

And i noticed the graffiti up close

... my baby shot me down.

There were three performers for the night
First up was Zalila Lee to push things off in a comfortable slow stride

Reza Salleh aka The Moonshine Master aka RezaSexyGrin perked up when she started playing one of her own songs
"Ooh! I love this song!" he exclaimed
So i paid attention and it was pretty good
Called "Get A Job," said he

She also whipped out some covers
Talkin Bout A Revolution by Tracy Chapman, and Stay by Lisa Loeb and the Nine Stories

You can't really see the black hat against the background
So i helped a tad with some ConnectTheDots
She even had some cowboy boots on ;)

Next up was...

He came down before with the rest of his band to play in Laundry
But this time round, Kim flew and performed solo

Last to go up was never-fail-to-please Isaac Entry

There were to plasma screens on stage as well
Which i've never noticed before
Was it there before?

Maybe i'm just blind. Ignore me.

The chillout peeps...

Don't miss out on Moonshine tonight!
Plus the Moonshine Master will be selling copies of his demo CD

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