Sunday, January 28, 2007

Cross The Borders People!!

When I arrived at Laundry just a little bit late as usual and found out who were playing in Laundry that night, I was like HUH?? Ferns and Ronin?? That's like pairing whiskey and durian..Paris Hilton and chastity.

Kuala Lumpur pop darlings Ferns have been cultivating quite a name for themselves with their quirky pop melodies. One of Rolling Stone's Top 25 Bands on Myspace, their music have been described as dream-pop emo.. I think they sound like a harmonious marriage between some post-rock band and Jojo. Hmm.. that statement sounds rather politically incorrect. Do disregard it if it offends :)

Ronin on the other hand, are for lack of a better descriptive term, straight up rock & roll. Citing influences such as Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Guns n' Roses, their live shows have quite the reputation of being high energy, rock insanity. They're from Singapore, by the way, so if you missed their set last Thursday you can go here for a listen and look see.

So back to this odd little match of Ferns and Ronin.
Kevin claims it's 'fusion'. *ahem*
Despite my initial reservations, the night turned out pretty awesome, with both bands bringing their own little brand of spice to Laundry.

Ferns opened..

Before Ronin came on the Xfresh team doled out some free gifts. I don't know what the gifts were, so I'm not even going to bother guessing since I'm bound to get it wrong.
Here's a picture of them chilling out at the side of the stage. All happy in their cute yellow t-shirts:)

And then... there was Ronin!

Definitely one of the funner bands I've heard in awhile. We need an 80s hairband revival people!! Bring the spandex back!!
Hmm..ok..maybe not the spandex...eek!

Here's a picture of vocalist Levan for the girls outside who wondered if he was a hottie but were too shy to go near the stage. Hee hee.

Eddy and Ian of Triple6poser were once again one of the first few people I ran into that night. Their band's been playing a couple of gigs around town lately, so go check out the dates and whereabouts on their myspace if you want to go. You know you want to :)

Reza and friend at the Junk table.

Yes..yes.. Laundry is the choice spot for hotties..

Since Hani hasn't been around I thought I'd substitute her for the obligatory camera-hoe shot with Kevin in almost every Crossborders post.. and write this statement underneath it..just to annoy her. (he he)

Group shot!!

Ok! That's it for January. Bye!


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