Monday, January 22, 2007

Project BAZOOKA!!!!!

I can't think of a better title. My brain just can't come up with something witty and eye-catching. Really. It's just not built that way. But to compensate, I put all those exclamation marks after Project Bazooka to create an element of excitement. Smart ei? He he.
Anyhoos... I am back. Yes me, the otherwise unidentified Laundry blogger aka Mistress of Misinformation with more random ramblings about what went down in Laundry last Thursday. I took a ton of pictures that night (plus the one's I am stealing from Project Bazooka's little photographer hehe), so I'm going to overdose you guys on it.

Here's a picture of Lied's guitarist Matthew @ Jessica (I'm assuming that's his cross-dressing tranny alter-ego) attempting to look cute on stage earlier in the night.

His friend was there as well..twiddling on the guitar...

A shot of the Dj decks for all of you who failed to suck up to Nesh and catch a glimpse (he he).

Some random shots of the bar. That lovely little haven.

Orite.. Lied opened the night. They're alternative rock, and their infectious tunes are quickly making waves in the Malaysian music scene. Khai Lee already put up links of all the band's websites in his lost post, so go click on them. You know you want to.

I love this shot. Just cause I can imagine all of you tilting your heads to the side. I could have rotated it.. but where's the fun in that. Hee hee.

Next up was crazy experimental post-rock band Citizens of Ice Cream.
Check out the pedals they were using! I don't know la if that is considered high-tech.. but it looked very impressive to me!

Their demo is now up for grabs. You know you want some ice cream!!

Furniture played last. I plagiarised this off their myspace, "Furniture is the memory of things that never happened, dreams unclaimed, cherished heartbreaks, deliverance by escapism, the reconciliation of regret and hope."
Well, seeing that I am not the brightest bulb in the room, I don't exactly get what that means... but it sure sounds good, and their music doesn't fail to deliver! Indie, experimental post-rock with an edge!

Ahh... and now for some random shots of the crowd.

Khai Lee second from the right..doing the pout.


Kim (post-rock fiend) and friend

Trina and the girls

Albert and Mike

I was in Laundry the night before, and Seij built this tower out of cards...which was like.. totally awesome!!
Here's a picture of it looking all badass..

And it's eventual destruction. R.I.P.

It looked really cool while it was intact. My only regret is that it collapsed due to natural causes and not by the wrath of my pinkie finger. Damn.


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