Thursday, January 18, 2007

We Were Moonshined!

Is it just me, or has time taken to fast forwarding itself?? Moonshine last Thursday feels like it happened yesterday. What happened to all my other days??? I have this theory about being trapped in a parallel universe where I blink my eye (yes, only the left eye) twice and I am catapulted into the future, but I suspect I'm just so prone to overdoing the partying I have a holey brain. Oh well, I thought I'd get this post up before heading down to Laundry for Project Bazooka. Yeah!! Parrrrrtayyy onnnn!!!

Ok. The poster for last week's Moonshine boasted names such as Karen Nunis Blackstone, Paolo Delfino, Oddstars and I.G Collective. The I.G Collective boys had to pull out however, due to work commitments. All was well though, cause sax rock band Seven took their place and saved the night!

Paolo Delfino was up first. I was running a little late that day, so I only managed to catch the end half of his set. Which was prolly a good thing.. cause his acoustic tunes would have probably made me fall in love with him, only to have him rip my heart into shreds the moment he stops singing. His appeal stems largely from the fact that his love songs are humorously and intelligently written. Not the usual run-of-the-mill cheesy love songs designed to reign in saps. (note: I have nothing against saps.)

Hmm.. I have no idea how this picture turned out this way. I think it looks kind of cool though. Like a xerox. Hee hee.

Next up was Oddstars. I have never heard of them prior to that night, and when they first got onstage I thought they were some hot new band. How wrong I was.. apparently, these indie-poppers have been around since 1999! They've got two songs up on their myspace, so click on the link for a listen!

Here's a full-length shot of the vocalist for you pervs who were camped out at the front of the stage hoping for a glimpse of you-know-what!

The oh-so-awesome Karen Nunis was up next. I've never been much of a folk rock fan, but she never fails to impress me with her strong stage presence and easy confidence. Her songs also have a dark brooding vibe to it that make her live sets pretty intense. If I'm not wrong, she's got a new album out, so if any of you are interested, go check out her myspace to see how you can score yourself one!

Last up was Seven, which I really enjoyed. They're like jazzrock? Rocking jazz? Funky rock? I have no idea.. I supposed I'd say they were a mix of it all. FIY, Bobo, the frontman of the band is also one half of the CosmicSpaceMunkys. Don't know them? Go check them out here!

Ahh.. and now for the crowd shots..

Eddy and Ian of the band Triple6poser were the first people I ran into that night..

Hon Sing and Rita ..

Irman (who's head kept getting molested by random people that night) and Fi

A shot of the crowd fixated on Karen Nunis's set..

Ahh.. Albert who said my pictures suck. Thanks for changing the settings!!

And as always.. the obligatory shot of Hani (he he) with Reza Salleh.

Joey G's beautiful wife (R) and friend..

Actress Sazzy Falak and friends..

Bunch of boys who all wanted to be in the shot :)

Oritey.. I've gotta hurry and get ready. Tonight! Project Bazooka! You can still make it! Hurry!!


Albert said...

*pokes the otherwise unidentified Laundry Bar blogger*

OI! There is no The in And I think I'm the first non-spammer human to post a comment.

laundry bar said...

edit edi la!!!
**the otherwise unidentified laundry bar blogger pokes back*

Anonymous said...

hello Sandra! thanks a lot for the photos! saw you on juice mag. i loike. nice to meet you!


p/s : malas nak register so anonymous pun anonymous lah! see ya!

Albert said...

*pokes* Thank you!

Oh well, your previously unidentified secret identity is otherwise uncovered, SANDRA! :D

Anonymous said...
Dont forget!

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