Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Look at that art-rock wierdo~ this Thursday!

I sense the art-rock nerd in you.

Haven't you always wanted to appreciate something no one can understand? Look good with the moog, and bring in the theremin.
Here is your chance.

ProjectBazooka@Laundry this Thursday (18th January)

Directions to get here?

With post-rock bands like Furniture and Citizens of Ice Cream , this thursday laundrybar will be packed with um, diversity.

It's fringe music like this which get all the closet artsy farts n indie folk out of their closets!

Let's get high on sonic waves of alien instruments!
Bobbing our heads to what grandmothers call noise.

The band LIED is also playing. They make it worth coming on time, honest.

So.. come alone and find your corner, or... bring your friends and impress them with your esoteric taste.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, then all the more reason you should come... and tell everyone you have witnessed the best of Malaysian underground music.

Hope to see u in your best dress ;)

1 comment:

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