Friday, January 12, 2007

A New Year @ Laundry

And so Laundry eased into the New Year with a mellow Thursday night, the very first installment of Laundry's Sound Check. It was a welcome relief, perhaps, for those still suffering the after effects of holiday over-indulgence. (ahh.. good times... hehe) It was a rather quiet night by Laundry standards.. not that many people turned up:(
All those New Year resolutions being put into action perhaps? Well I always maintain that nothing beats good music, good conversation and alcohol consumption, and I'm sure all those who came will agree:)

The night opened with a sweet little acoustic set by Izzy who was accompanied by a friend on guitar.

I thought they sounded like an angrier, angsty clone of the Cranberries..
Also, upon closer inspection of the pictures, it has just dawned on me that it's Izzy from my uni! You go girl!!

Next up was Sore from Indonesia, all dressed in sharp black tuxedos. It was like an invasion of the Men in Black, only they came armed with guitars and saxaphones. He he. I thought they managed a very sexy take on their brand of music, which made me feel like puling on a slinky little red dress and grooving:)

By the way, some of you may notice the lack of links in this post. Well, myspace is failing me. It refuses to load. Also, I'm avoiding writing anything in-depth about the music, for fear that I may get it wrong, what with my faulty memory and retarded musical knowledge and all. Hopefully my bimbotic personal opinions will suffice for now:)
FYI, this post is once again late due to faulty technology which is out to get me.

Anyhoos, Isaac Entry and Friends closed the night.

It's been awhile since they last played in Laundry, and as always, they were lots of fun to watch. Their set's never fail to deliver the good stuff!

Here are a helluva lot of pictures of the crowd..

Hot chicks like to hang at Laundry..

More hot chicks..

And more..

Isaac with an adorable little boy!

Two of the Sore boys..


Isaac and the man with the oh-so-sexy voice, Reza Salleh..

Alright, that's it for now. Have a good weekend!


Anonymous said...
Good Luck!

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vinivedivici said...

nope..those are not "two of the sore boys"...they r the actors in 'berbagi suami'... eek

laundry bar said...

oopss!!! so sorry for the mistake guys!! it must have been the misleading black outfits! *shy*

Lynzzie said...

No wonder when I checked their myspace, the guys were different. And the guys who u thought were the boys, looked so familiar. Plus, the lady in the pic above them, is Jajang C. Noer. She is one of the best actress in Indonesia. =)

laundry bar said...

Haha.. I had no idea she was an actress!! Oh well.. at least there's a shot of her.. he he. Once again. Sorry laa.. mistake. I still don't understand why they were ALL wearing black suits though..hmmmm

Anonymous said...

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