Monday, December 18, 2006

Why do some people get sad on Christmas..?

It's a feel-good reason to celebrate...!!
To be merry and buy stuff..!! Right?

Yet... have you noticed...?
While you celebrate... there's this friend you have...
who can't seem to be happy on Christmas...
They may feel ignored.
They may feel denied.
They could be erased!
And get brushed aside!
And listen to too much Lisa Loeb even!

Don't let Christmas get to them.
Don't... Prevention is better than cure.
Give them a dose of happiness before it hits~!!!

This Thursday... take em for feel good live music with some indie-folk!
I'm serious! One dose of ProjectBazooka @ Laundry will last them till the next month.

Fill up their stocking with funk n groove!
I.G Collective read: what NST says about them

Decorate their tree with power pop!
Lucy in the Loo see: their yummy website

Send folk rock down their chimney!
Azmyl Yunor and the Sigarettes read: what TheStar says about them

Whatever you do... remember 21st December, this thursday..
is ProjectBazooka @ Laundry .. come by 9:30 ~!!

If your friend still feels sad on Christmas day after watching ProjectBazooka @ Laundry, I will return you the money you paid for admission. (yes, admission is free)

Have a Merry Christmas~!!

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Anonymous said...

Thats a fantastic yummy looking flyer. Keep it coming!

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