Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A Little Pop and A Hell Lot of Rock & Roll

It was Moonshine at Laundry, and the line up was packed with a whole bunch of bands that shared a sole purpose; that which was to get the crowd off with their individual brand of rock & roll.
Headlining bands for the night were Naked Breed, Flatline, Stonebay and Ferns. Here are the pictures in no particular order, because my alcohol addled mind that night won't allow me to remember the order of the line up:)

Naked Breed

Veterens of the Malaysian music scene Naked Breed were the first to take the stage (hah! I remember!), playing a very enjoyable set characterized by catchy upbeat tunes that held a hint of underlying angst. Despite undergoing practically a whole line-up change, the band's music and performance is still at top form, and their sophomore debut is soon to be released, so look out for it!!


For those of you who enjoyed Flatline's set, do go check out their myspace here to give their indie pop like tunes a listen! Personally, I thought their music was very happy happy head-bopping fun.. hopefully, that was the vibe they were going for! Also,I like la the vocalist's boyish voice. You can croon to me about lucid dreams anytime boy! (he he)


Stonebay!! Originally hailing from Sabah, the band's name was inspired by Pearl Jam's guitarist Stone Gossard. Well, I guess it's not exactly rocket science trying to figure out their musical influences :) Nonetheless, I thought they played a nice, tight little set that rocked well into the night.


Ferns, delivering their achingly sweet brand of cotton candy like pop music. Self-described as 'pop manja' they were by far the mellowest band performing that night, which I thought was a wonderful breath of fresh air. Their debut album is out! So go here, to check out how you can score yourself one!

Here are some pictures of the open mic acts that night..

Zach Tay



More Neomadicus

And here are some photos of the crowd I managed to snap during my drunken wanderings around Laundry :)

Hani & Chris

Avin and Sheijiro

Shawn of Peekaboo Hair Salon & friend

Well, I guess that about sums up last Thursday. Catch you guys tomorrow!!


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