Saturday, December 30, 2006

Project Bazooka!!

Helliew people!! I know this post is long overdue, but I've been terribly busy getting drunk on eggnog and Christmas cheer!! Aside from taking longer than I expected to crawl my way home in a drunken haze, the internet has been downla due to the earthquake in Taiwan. But never the mind, for I am back!!

So anyhoos, last last Thursdays Project Bazooka had I.G Collective, Azmyl Yusof and the Sigarettes, and Lucy in the Loo doing their sexy thang on stage. The night started off pretty slow, but as usual grew completely insane as the night progressed.

Setting the tone for the night were the I.G Collective boys with their distinctive brand of funky love. At that point in the night there was still walking space, so I was able to take quite a few pictures of them (yay!) Sometime in the middle of the set they were joined by two very brutal looking dudes, namely Ash and Adam whom if I'm not mistaken are in the band DragonRed (?), I'm not too sure. Well, here are the pictures for you to feast your eyeballs on.

Next up was Azmyl Yunor, who was backed by the Sigarettes which comprises of Keng Lee, Adrian, Jeremy, Aziz and Ron. Personally I thought their set was very soul-baring, honest, indie- folk like, which was a very nice breath of fresh air, considering the slew of carbon copy bands infilterating the music scene nowadays.
For more information on the band and a listen of their music, do go check them out at their myspace and official website.

Lucy in the Loo, closed the night on a very high (and slightly insane.. their fans were all out in full force) note. Squeezing my way to the front to snap a few shots of the band was close to impossible, as there were a whole bunch of very teritorial and very hostile photographers parked right in front of the stage. However, after suffering a few cock-stares, I plastered on my incredibly thick skin and managed to get a few shots of them.

While Lucy in the Loo dazzled the crowd with their indie power pop, I wandered around taking pictures of the crowd, and looking at the pictures now, I realised the common theme of adorable little pairs! So cute!!

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