Sunday, December 31, 2006

It Was A Screamfest @ Laundry

Hey again.. I thought I'd compensate for Project Bazooka's really late post by delivering to you guys this post nice and early!! Well, also, I'm just getting this out of the way in anticipation of New Years and the mental vegetative state I'll probably be in for the next few days following all that partying :)

Crossborders on Thursday was quite a screamfest, I must say. Aside from Prana who have significantly toned down their previous rap-core sound into a more mellow raggae-like groove, Love Me Butch and Phillipine imports Chicosci dominated the stage with their full-on, no holds barred, brand of screamo rock. They came, they rocked, they conquered. Those who came will agree that all three bands succesfully provided the crowd with a full-on sonic assault.

Opening the night was Prana! This multi-racial band has been part of the Malaysian music scene for quite some years now. Initially starting out as a rap-core band, their sound has grown and matured into a wonderful mix of raggae, funk and metal. For those of you who missed their set, do check them out at the Butters & Friends gig in Zouk on the 6th of January!

Sina aka Mailer Daemon was the MC for the night!

He also joined Prana on stage for a song!

Next up were Love Me Butch. They were sort of a surprise act, as their band's name wasn't on the flyers, but what a pleasant surprise it was! Their live shows are always fun to watch. If someone found a way to bottle the intensity of their stage presence, the energy crisis could quite
possibly be solved! He he..
Taking pictures of the band was a rather annoying affair however, cause these people don't stop jumping around! Freaking impossible to get a clear shot.. so after awhile I gave up and let Hani take over photo-snapping duties. Thank you luvly!!

See what I mean!!

Chicosci were the last band to take the stage. This six piece band from the Phillipines has to be the most insane band I have come across in a long time... like really. They are insane. Watching their guitarist toss his guitar in the air so many times made me want to hurl myself onstage and save it in case he missed. Also, their vocalist was thrashing around the stage so violently I caught myself wondering several times whether it was just incredibly good showmanship or an epileptic fit. That was when I realised I am morphing into an uptight Chinese aunty :(

Here are some pictures of the people who came..

Syarul and Jason Lo puckering up for the camera..

The Chicosci boys standing around..

Hani and Kevin camera whoring..


The most badass mom I had the pleasure to meet..

Singh and his girlfriend..

Jam and friend..

Johan and friend..

Okay people, I guess that's it for 2006! Have a very happy New Year!!
I'm out.

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