Thursday, December 14, 2006

Down Deep and Dirty @ Laundry

Last Thursday was one of those wet, drizzly nights that reduces one's body into jello-ed like substance that NEEDS to stay in bed and do absolutely nothing. For you sloths who succumbed to the weather and decided to give Laundry a miss, well, you shouldn't have!! Cause Deep Laundry Project's set that night was Electric!! (<---with a capital E see)
It started out as a rather quiet night,but once those boys took the stage, it was par-tay all the way till closing time. There was Jungle Jerry and Nicky C working the decks, Justin and Krishna (who were joined by a delectable french import by the name of Simon) on percussions, Rabbit working the microphone and Isaac (of Isaac Entry and Friends) on the strings. Joining them for their set's opening was the lovely Su who's voice is so huskily sexy it should be made illegal in some countries(he he). I'm not too sure what it was that she was delivering..a poem? a narrative?? monologue??? She could have, however, been reading the traffic report and it wouldn't have mattered:)

Here are last Thursday's pictures!

Dj Nesh warming up the crowd


Justin working those lips of his (he he)




Sina (aka Mailer Daemon) and friends

Kit and Amy

Hani and Pablo

Krishna, Justin & Simon

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