Sunday, November 19, 2006

November Bazooka

Project Bazooka pushed on three acts last Thursday onto Laundry's stage:-
Sizlomania, Estranged, and Frequency Cannon

This here is one of the pebbles behind the Bazooka effort

PebbleKhaiLee was watching the bands as i, sneaky sneaky, put my digicam around the corner to snap him
However, he seemed utterly unperturbed
Must've been 110% totally into the music

First band to go up were Sizlomania

With influences like Damien Rice, Pete Yorn, StarSailor, 30 Seconds to Mars, Frou Frou, Dave Matthews and Johnny Greenwood; you can check out some of their songs *here*

Besides the hordes of people taking photographs, there were some taking videos as well
I don't know, maybe it's for their blog, since vids on blogs are getting so popular nowadays, non?

Well the lovely uncle in the colourful shirt has a good excuse though
I call him Papa Paparazzi
Because two of his sons were on the drums that night
And... i really doubt P.P. has a blog

Wonderband Frequency Cannon were second to perform

Listen to their songs i seriously fancy *here*
Don't be lazy!
Just click on it and listen dammit!!!

... sorry.

It's late, i'm going all cRazy-like
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Fiza in the red beads was emcee for the night.

I know, Laundry curtains are irresistable aren't they?

I love seeing the drummer boys' parents there
It's so sweet!
Belinda C and i spent a good minute going, "Awwwwwwwww...."

I forgot to put Estranged's name really big on the photos so to make up for it =


performed third and last

I bet there were some AF fans there just to stalk Rich

Andy had some stalkers too
I had at least three girls come up to me asking as calmly as possible, "Hey... you know Andy right? Could you... introduce him to me later?"
Gripping onto my Long Island Tea, i'd nod my head going, "Can can..."

Andy. Must pay money okay. -_-

Rich crooning their new single, "Itu Kamu"

It hasn't been officially released yet but they performed it that night
I really really like it
I even begged Andy to let me have a copy to listen to at home and... he said no :(

So i make do by listening to the (badly-shot) video i took of them singing a verse, bridge and the chorus

It reminds me of Sheila On Seven's "Sephia", but with a faster bpm

Excuse the sound quality yeah :p Wait till you hear it on airplay then you know what i'm talking about

Remember, you heard it here first.

I really want a copy... gimme! *hands flailing out*


More pics? Click here


khailee said...

sneaky fairy! call me a pebble sumore =P

kinkybluefairy said...


put my cacat self-done poster back up!!!


Absolute Alternative said...


i tangkap your Frequency Cannon's photo to publish to my blog .... boleeeeey aaa?

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