Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Crossing Musical Borders @ Laundry

Last Thursday was Cross Borders at Laundry, featuring two bands with very distinct ambient musical styles. First band up for the night was KLPHQ, a local instrumental band that, as plagiarised from their myspace site sounds like.."a heart murmuring before a full-on attack". And full-on was the sonic attack as promised! The moment the band got on, Laundry was packed. Stuffed like a turkey on Thanksgiving.. :)

Second band up for the night was Singaporean band Astreal, who have been enjoying rave reviews with their latest release Fragments of the Same Dead Star. Fronted by their very sexy and very badass vocalist/ bassist Ginette, they played a very tight, intense set that had me standing there mezmerized...until all these people started shoving to the front for pictures. Haiyah.

Speaking of pictures... you may have noticed the lack of them in today's post. Sorry guys, but due to the very unfortunate crash of a very ancient computer, they are as of yet, not available. However, they'll be up ASAP! I promise!!

For now, do go check out the band's myspace page at KLPHQ and Astreal

Oriteys... tomorrow night!! Jason Lo and I.G Collective! You know you can't resist!

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