Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Moonshine Anniversary

So last thursday was Moonshine's first anniversary. I tried to get closer to the stage to get pictures of the bands but Laundry was so packed with fans of Moonshine and the bands that I was relegated to roam the outsides of Laundry snapping pictures of surprised people.

Kicking off the nite was Solsta, followed by Reza Salleh, Bittersweet and finally Force Vomit. I only managed to snap pics of Solsta and elbowed my way to the DJ console to snap a few pics of Bittersweet.

The crowd!


Oh and guess who showed up at Laundry? Duncan from the group Blue. He was in Malaysia getting a tattoo!

Don't miss Project Bazooka next week! we have a fabulous line up! Later!

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