Saturday, November 04, 2006

Of carrots and celery

November brought around some furry fun to Deep Laundry Project. What am I talking about? Rabbit of course. Not the furry variety, but the kind that sings and produces.. hee..

Justin and Jerry are back from down under and out they came to send sparkles and lots of musical love to everyone who came that nite..

Jerry rocking the satin shirt..

Justin and Krshna with the ladies... woot!

Laundry was just crawling with hotties! If you weren't here, then you missed an awesome night! (and no not just because of the hotties, but because of the great music!!)


Sunil said...

I'm definately there every 1st Thursday of the month. Music was awesome.

laundry bar said...

awesome! nice to hear that!

erenity said...

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shantaria said...

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cindy said...

nice blog

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