Wednesday, April 19, 2006


I arrived a bit late... and judging from what these bloggers said about the launch, I think I missed out big time on the food >:(

I stayed for the music, which was something pretty different. There were quite a few people moving to it... But I got too comfortable on the couch, and did my butt jiggling there. I will be posting up some pics (of the night) soon.


jared l. said...

so what are the specials that you serve at your bar? ...any special promos since it's new?

s*yay said...

you'll hav Ben, Shri, Sunil in the bar! hehehe

laundry bar said...

We've got beer and margarita jugs on for happy hour.The usual 5pm-9pm.We've got these kickass Dj's on Friday and Saturday.Come and try our bar snacks.Yummmm!
Thurdays in May will be live music and comedy night!

see ya there.

Miss Laundry

Anonymous said...

kimberlycun sure looks like she on diet for a month just for the food there..she look so glutton, thanks to

moreover, seemed she is really at home with laundry bar, some ppl could even mistake her for being the lau pan niang

if u value ur customer views, u shouldnt be hiding ur email

khailee said...

our email address is on the left sidebar. but glad you brought that up. perhaps i can make it more prominent.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

hai khailee,

thanks for ur prompt reply, however, i did make written request via commenting system so i expected a reply

btw, not everyone is computer savvy, hope u understand, but i did try search for ur email by clicking on ur blogger's info but cant find it

khailee said...

hey there anonymous - thats a great idea - i put laundry's email address on the blogger profile edi. thanks.

alsom, i removed your mean comment on kimberlycun. hope you don't take offense.

Anonymous said...

omfg!!!!!kimberlydecun as waitress or cleaner
is mean?!?!!? a job is a job...are u trying to
insult all the waitress there? omfg!!!!

btw, she is desperate for jobs, didnt u read her
"ill be whatever u wan me to be" meh? perhaps
u think that she can only be the boss of laundry
and not as cleaner or waitress..oOOoooO lol

u keep removing my comments, u might as
well rename ur bar as kimberly bar instead
of laundry bar, why dont u? lol

Effa said...

I think it's better to comment on the service and facilities of the establishment rather than on the colorful individuals who hang out there. Unless they become a nuisance to other patrons of the club/pub/lounge bar.

Kimberlycun said...

wowee thanks anon for recommending me as a cleaner/waitress for laundry. seriously wouldnt mind but then laundry would have to stock up on food so frequently coz i am actually a real glutton leh

Anonymous said...

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