Thursday, April 13, 2006

A few more days to go...

My friends always insist on going down to Bangsar, SriHartamas, or KL to party. I really hate driving. Hopefully, I won't have to so much anymore =P

Laundry Bar is the first of it's kind in the the BandarUtama-ish area (a pretty happening area if you ask me)... and will take on a different character each night.

When Trina (the Art Director) first shared her dream of it with me, I knew it was going to be rad. I loved the way it celebrated diversity, and how DJs and musicians who not neccesarily play mainstream stuff now have their own stage.

However, since it hasn't launched yet, I don't wanna say too much, as nobody knows how it will turn out.

But we do know this:

A bar/club is happening only if the crowd is happening.

We encourage YOU to come to Laundry Bar, and make the night what you want it to be, by bringing your unshackled, raw, honest, self, and letting go.

Till we meet to party, this floor plan will give you an idea =P


Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Any setlist?

I'm curious.

She's Jess said...

WHoa... it must be fun..

A plain floor plan.. why not posting the pictures of the place itself?

Curiosity kills... :p

saran said...

ooh. sounds exciting! now, a nearer place to subang jaya =P

i like the star design on the floor! will it be all glittery? =P

I'll definitely ask my frens to go!

khailee said...

will do!

1. get a setlist up for yas asap...

2. snap pix of the place tonight hehe

ShaolinTiger said...

My writeup of Laundry Bar @ The Curve - The Launch - April 17th


Kimberlycun said...

wonderful job u guys have done with the place! did a post about it here :D

sarah said...

Congrats on the launch!
Btw Khai Lee, are you the same Khai Lee from Project Bazooka? Don't think you remember me but we'd met once during Saer Ze's music video launch. So guarantee ah, laundrybar gonna play some interesting, not-necessarily-mainstream stuff? Its about time someone does!

(TAG doesnt count heheh.)

We'll definitely be visiting laundrybar soon. Congrats again!

midnite lily said...

CONGRATS on your opening guys! ^_^ Awesome party! Trina, you rock gurl!

r47z™ said...

congrats! will be dropping by soon, i can have my coffee, walk around, eat m y dinner then pop by the laundry bar for some quality music!

khailee said...

hi sarah - yes yes its the same khailee from - we will be having a gig at laundry on may 4th =)

altho some night will not be so edgy, we will definitely keep pushing for something different as long as you keep buying drinks ;P

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