Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Moonshine feat. Azmyl Yunor, Sharidir & Nizam P., Sundae, Stonebay

Last week's Moonshine featured veteran folk rocker Azmyl Yunor, acoustic duo extraordinaire Sharidir & Nizam P., goosebumps inducing Sundae, and indie rockers Stonebay. It would mark return performances (after a long absence) by Azmyl Yunor and Sharidir & Nizam. Sundae and Stonebay, came in as first time performers for Moonshine at Laundry. And, oh boy, they did not dissappoint. To say the very least.

Nizam P. on percussions & 2nd vocals

Sharidir on guitars & main vocals

Nizam's small army of percussion instruments

Sharidir & Nizam forms one of the most unique acoustic duo KL has ever seen. Honest to the bones lyrics, supremely tight skills, crisp performances, and straight-from-the-heart singing. It's a refreshing change in this sea of almost identical singer-songwriters of similar genres of music.

If only this photo could move, you'd be able to witness Sharidir's lighting speed guitar plucking. Absolutely awe-inspiring.

Anis, lead guitars and main vocals. And you gotta admit that the guitar is just too distractingly beautiful!

Down to earth, adorably shy and insanely talented, this girl embodies what the indie music scene is all about. Honesty, above all things.

Mar on the melodion (nifty little thing I tell ya)

Azam on drums. He's also part of a percussionist group called White Percussions.

Mar on violin

It's amazing that the band Sundae was formed only a little over a year ago. Consisting of music students, these awesome five-some are possibly one of the most promising bands in the local indie music scene.

Sundae performing their last song of the night, their swan song, Hilang. For a bunch of youngsters, the arrangement of this song was done so well. The multi-layered lush sounds on top of its simple, down to earth lyrics makes Hilang an amazing, amazing number.

"Aku cinta kamu
Aku rindu kamu
Aku perlu kamu"

Devoid of pretentiousness, the lyrics is written exactly the way it is in life. Corny as it may be, it is often the truth.

Next up! Azmyl Yunor & The Sigarettes

Keng on 2nd guitar

Now, how many college lecturers can you find rocking it out like this!

Azmyl Yunor & The Sigarettes

Adrian on bass

Azmyl's singing the lines to Makan Gaji, arguably one of his best songs to date. This cult favourite tune is funny, catchy and full of energy!

His awesome showmanship (most of the time quite entertaining, and sometimes extremely funny) never fails to bring the house down!

A guest performer playing a flute for one of the songs performed

And this is why they call him the Bob Dylan of KL. Possibly one of the very few singer-songwriters that has a harmonica among his repertoire of instruments.

At the end of the last song. Epic!

And the last one for the night, Stonebay!

Ojie on lead guitars and vocals, a Sabahan who is heavily influenced by 70's tunes and 90's alternative rock music.

Stonebay definitely has stage presence. Here, performing their hit single Sangsi (currently playing in the local airwaves).

Ashroff on 2nd guitar


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