Tuesday, February 10, 2009

CCGL feat. Zee Avi, Nitrus, Grey Sky Morning

The latest Fly FM's monthly Campur Chart Goes Live rocked Laundry on the 5th February 2009. It was an extremely entertaining night with stellar performances by famed singer-songwriter Zee Avi (formerly known as KokoKaina), indie rockers Nitrus and retro-pop band Grey Sky Morning.

Grey Sky Morning opened the night with spectacular fashion. Exciting, quirky and witty, their music reminds of early pioneers of retro-pop/post-punk revival songs of Interpol, Franz Ferdinand, The Strokes, Hot Hot Heat, The Libertines, and many more. Aside from the massively popular and influential band Hujan, Grey Sky Morning might just be one of the latest most exciting retro-pop band in the local indie music scene. Like true rockstars, the stylish retro-pop band entertained the crowd with energetic showmanship and some pretty groovy rock tunes.

Later, Zee Avi came on stage to perform and was backed by David (from the band Disagree) on guitars and Hiro on cello. A relatively new artist in the scene, Zee Avi displayed the charms and confidence of a seasoned performer. She entertained the crowd with not only her uber amazing vocals but also with her great sense of humour. Ever since she was recently signed under Brushfire Records and currently working on an album, it was truly a rare opportunity to see this petite music wunderkind perform.

And then came Nitrus. The closing act for Campur Chart Goes Live that night have been together for a long, long time. More than 10 years later, their rise in fame have been steady and perpetually climbing to further heights. The indie rock band has come a long way, and true to their ten-year experience playing together at countless gigs, they delivered a fantastic performance that night.

Grey Sky Morning opening the night

Ejal, the uber fashionable frontman giving his all.

Gotta love the pants!

Hunny Madu joins Ejal on stage at the end of Grey Sky Morning's performance.

Check out the cramped like sardines crowd!

Dude-With-The-Bag won a free Grey Sky Morning CD!

Not quite sure who he is, but we're guessing he's a friend/relative of Zee Avi. Awesome banner!

As you can see, she's clearly amused with the banner!

The banners were definitely a rare sight in Laundry!

David, joking around with the crowd during a brief soundcheck.

Hiro, on cello.

Zee, calling out to the crowd to snap their fingers along with her.

This girl was all smiles all night long.

Azwar Rashid, a fellow singer-songwriter and Zee Avi's significant other, joins on stage for a duet. It was absolutely mesmerising.

The guest artist, up-and-coming singer-songwriter Azwar Rashid.

Zee Avi with her trademark ukelele!

Hunny Madu joins Zee Avi and the band on stage for some impromptu performance!

And what a performance it was! Imagine this; Hunny playing air guitar alongside Zee on the ukelele. It was absolutely entertaining to say the least!

Zee Avi, playing her last song of the night.

Nitrus, the closing act of the night goes on stage.

They wasted no time and gave a full-on rock-out performance!

The lead guitarist showing off some mean guitar goreng skills!

Nitrus ends the night with an awesome, awesome show!


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