Sunday, December 14, 2008

Moonshine with an International Line-Up!

This latest edition of Moonshine featured a unique flavour; an international acoustic artist line-up. The show featured veteran Butterfingers rockstar Emmett, pop-indie duo Deb Fung & Alarice hailing from Australia, pop-rock duo Jack & Rai from down south in Singapore, and all the way from United Kingdom, L-Mo the funky acoustic-beatboxer.

You can never go wrong when the event showcases two good looking girls with great talent. Deb Fung & Alarice kick started the show with a song from their latest album. They wowed the crowd throughout the performance with some pretty amazing vocals and impressive guitar playing skills. This award winning duo (Deb was the winner for the 2003 National Gospel Award for Best New Gospel Artist) entertained the crowd with their lively and lush music that reflects their diverse backgrounds of Chinese, Kiwi, Singaporean, Australian culture. Although they have been together for only a few years, their vast experience speaks for itself with a tour roster that spans continents; Malaysia, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and New Zealand.

Their songs are both heart warming and captivating. Their lyrics are both thought-provoking and honest. Deb Fung & Alarice's music are easily accessible because of the familiar stories they draw from; life, love, relatioships, etc. It's about things that we all go through. What makes them great musicians is their ability to convey such stories in such a beautiful way that is both entertaining and thoughtful.

"The more we grasp and analyse about ourselves, the better we understand who we are and who we are becoming. I think a key to improving the way we treat others and ourselves is being self-aware. Music has a way of stripping through pretence and baring the soul. I am compelled to be honest in my songwriting and while it might be uncomfortable at times and show vulnerability, perhaps that is precisely what people need and want to feel today. It wakes us up." - Deb Fung

"My songs are about life, faith, relationships, love and everything else in between. I'd like to think my songs are honest. Because I'm not special, nor better than anyone else; I'm just trying to find my place in this world; like everyone else" - Alarice

There's no need for an introduction for the next act; the frontman of famed indie band Butterfingers, Emmett. It was the first time he performed an acoustic showcase without the band's full line up. That night he was backed by Butterfingers' bassist Kadak and Greg Henderson on second guitars, sessioning while Loque is away studying music in the States. As expected, the crowd rushed forward as Emmett walked on stage and preparing to perform. With what seemed like a dozen or so photographers at the front row, the whole duration of Emmett's showcase was filled with non-stop flashes, cheers and plenty of calls for encores!

A veteran performer, he was at complete ease while performing at a completely jam packed Laundry Bar full of eager guests and loyal fans. Constantly brimming with a million dollar smile, he showcased a few songs from Butterfingers' latest album, Kembali.

Emmett performed the single 1000 Tahun that almost brought the house down!

A full-to-the-brim eventful night at Laundry Bar as always!

Jack & Rai gave an electric charged performance to a full-house crowd in Laundry Bar that night! They performed a few numbers from their latest album titled, "out in stores now!". Yes, you read that right. Both Jack and Rai are pretty laid back and fun-filled people, they are what you would call the life of the party. And it was evident on stage as they delivered their catchy songs with great showmanship and plenty of sparkling charm.

The crowd went absolutely beserk when they played a cover song of Jason Mraz's I'm Yours!

Deb Fung & Alarice and Jack & Rai selling their CDs outside of Laundry Bar

The last act of the night was L-Mo. Now this is what we call an artist with a capital A! This acoustic-alternative-funk musician is truly one of a kind. I mean, how often do you find a musician that beatboxes AND plays the acoustic guitar at the same time. And he is no regular guitar slinger, as he fires away plucking catchy tunes at lightning speed!

"The crazed, beat-boxing, bird-noising, funkoustickery of L-Mo. He won't be everyone's cup of tea, but that won't bother him; his music is packed with the joy that only comes from not giving a sh*t." - Sandman Magazine

His adrenaline charged performance was both completely spontaneous and extremely entertaining. L-Mo gave such an energetic performance that I swear he was milliseconds away from exploding!

Finaz and friends

Zara (manager of the band Bunkface), Atie, Meor and friend

Jack & Rai's family and friends

Next Thursday 18th December is Fly FM's Campur Chart event at Laundry Bar!


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