Friday, December 05, 2008

Djabe & Steve Hackett

The much anticipated performance by the band Djabe (No.1 Jazz/World Fusion from Hungary) featuring legendary guitarist Steve Hackett (former member of the 1970s world-reknowned band Genesis and current member of supergroup GTR with Steve Howe of Yes and Asia) happened last night at Laundry Bar. The band and their music is somewhat new and alien to our local music scene. Undoubtedly, there were much talk and expectation of surprises prior to the show. And what a smashing surprise it was last night!

Djabe's brand of freeform jazz and world fusion music, a blend of musical traditions from around the world, proved to be a hit for the crowd! They were professional with a capital P! Their world famous individual talents combined together with a variety of instruments formed a formidable band with a complex and entertaining array of musical composition that left the crowd wanting more!

Steve Hackett showcased his guitar playing prowess and showed to the crowd why he is a living legend. Although he begun his music career early during the 1960s, last night showed that he has kept up with the times by using an impressive mixture of high-tech gadgets and pedals. Steve Hackett showcased his creative genius by strumming and peddling the guitar, much alike Tom Morello, to create plenty of reverbs and space-like melodies. What a rare opportunity is was to witness a musician of his stature and brilliance to play here at Laundry Bar!

Djabe started the performance with Égerházi Attila on lead guitar, Banai Szilárd on drums, Kovács Zoltán on keyboard, Dresch Mihály on bass, and special guest Kovács Ferenc on violins and trumpet.

Steve Hackett sitting quietly behind the spotlight awaiting for his que to perform

The multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist Kovács Ferenc putting down the violin and picking up a trumpet for the next song

Égerházi Attila, the frontman, speaking to the crowd and saying "Terima kasih" during an intermission, much to the delight of the crowd!

The much awaited Steve Hackett coming onstage and welcoming a roar of applause from the excited Laundry crowd!

The calm and composed Steve Hackett showed a different side once he started strumming and plucking away on the guitar like a machine gun!

The legendary speed guitarist showing off his amazing guitar playing skills!

Kovács Ferenc went on a violin strumming frenzy, belting out a variety of lighting-quick complex melodies with relative ease

A powerful and energentic showmanship from Égerházi Attila!

Dresch Mihály gave a spectacular pumping and thumping solo bass performance!

After the rest of the band exited the stage at the start of the break, the drummer Banai Szilárd delivered a powerful solo drum performance. It went one for several minutes but there wasn't a single dull moment. Banai Szilárd threw a variety of beats, from slow to super fast, and utilising the double pedals to maximum effect. You could literally feel your chest beating to the rhythm of his drum playing!

Laundry Bar was crazy jam packed! There were so many people that you can't even see the end of the bar!

Adi, Adam and Idraki

The best supporter of Laundry Bar and friends

Djabe starting their second set

Zara (manager of the band Bunkface), Kudux (from the band Pesawat), and friend

Amil (from the band Dragon Red) and Claire

Phillip and friends

What a performance to remember, and what a night it was!

Don't miss Moonshine next Thursday 11th December at Laundry Bar!

Starting from 9.30pm till late, the night will showcase Jack & Rai (SG), Deb Fung & Alarice (AUS), L-Mo(UK), and Emmett (from Butterfingers)!

See you there!

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