Sunday, February 17, 2008

Valentine's @ Laundry with Lap Sap!

Heyhey everybody!

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

So last Thursday we got the LapSap boys to pop by Laundry, rip out a couple of heart-thumping indie/electro clash tunes and rouse all party people into a fevered hot mess.

With VERY successful results I must say. Laundry's dance floor was packed with uber-trendy, brightly dressed youngsters of all walks of life. There were neon colored pants, aviators, headbands, beehives, wigs, you name it, it was likely there.

Check Ah Xu on the decks....

...and the barrage of pictures in no particular order i have uploaded for your viewing pleasure.

Mega and friend!

DJ Blink

Lim & Eddy

Striking a pose.

Winner of the AirAsia tickets! Edie Sedgwick & Andy Warhol (albeit with black hair)

SueLynn & Marcus

Britney gone wild & DJ Goldfish

Despite the fact that Laundry was fully loaded with cheesy romancing couples early on in the night, we managed to effectively boot the oh-so-jaded conventional means of celebrating the saint of love.

Crank the volume, knock back a couple and dance the night away celebrating good music, good company and the freedom to live and love people.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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