Saturday, January 05, 2008

Just One More!

Laundry celebrated the end of 2007 with the party to end all parties!
Two outdoor stages were enacted, complete with huge projector screens, eye-catching visuals (courtesy of the adorable Blur Sulaiman) and good times.
The services of fellow DJs The Kid, Mickey Morphingaz, Nesh, Warren-V, Daryl and Ray Soo were employed to serve up non-stop, phat, pumping beats that kept the party people dancing till the clocked striked twelve and long after!

Here's a little view of Laundry a few hours before the party started.. all gussied up with multi-colored balloons and sleek black party packs.

Check the one off Just One More Party t-shirts..
and the wine bottles all lined up... looking fierce!

Mickey and The Kid up on the indie electro/dnb stage.

DJ Warren-V and friend striking a pose before his set. Warren was poised to kick start things in the hip hop room.

And I must say that he did an awesome job of pumping things up!
When his set was followed by Mickey's hip hop set, the crowd was moist with sweat, liquored up, and shaking their thang!
Check out the brothers and their big grins!

There were a few minor technical difficulties throughout the night (for instance, the power failure during The Kid's indie/electro set). But thanks to Eddie.. the night was kept smooth sailing!

At the house room, Dj Daryl heated things up early in the night. DJ Ray Soo then took over and spun all the way past midnight.
That room was by far the craziest! It was packed to the brim with gyrating bodies. Avid house fans appeared unconcerned with the lack of fresh air and heat though; t-shirts drenched in sweat, they shuffled, danced and basically let loose all night long!

Mickey's DnB set aimed to pump up a rather reserved early night crowd.
However, despite his crazy get ups, awesome beats and charisma, the crowd remained shy and sober..

His fun loving girlfriend helped spice things up however, and soon, party-goers begin filling the dance floor and tables!

The Kid took over when Mickey migrated to the hip hop room.
THe music then took an indie electro turn. Spinning much loved hits for the indie purists, the dance floor suddenly experienced a crowd turn over, with the early party goers being replaced by uber fashionable indie rockers out to have a good ol time!

Check the vocalist from Komplot

As the night progressed, Ray Soo must be given kudos for bringing the roof of the house room down!
After his awesome set, this superstar DJ was seen signing autographs for his many avid fans!

DJ Nesh, having rushed all the way from MidValley to Laundry to help us close the night did not fail to churn out his usual immaculate set that was met with wild appreciation from the crowd. Already elated from having counted down the New Year, the party escalated to a fevered state of near insanity.

Happy party people!
Hmmm.. I think the guy on the left lost his shirt.. HAHAHAHA

Pretty fireworks!!!
Apparently The Curve was 15 minutes late in counting down..but no worries.. that only means we experienced 15 minutes more of the year 2007!

Trina, The Kid, Mickey and girlfriend!

For all who came to usher in 2008 with us here at Laundry, we hope you all had as awesome a time as we did!
Let's all give a big, sloppy kiss goodbye to 2007 and welcome this new year and all the great things that it promises to bring!

Happy New Year!!!

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