Friday, January 11, 2008

Juke Joint Jupiter January!

Eddy of Triple6Posers once again threw a mind-blowing gig/party (with the Posers it's always partay time) that started off the new year on a positive note.

Recruiting the talents of several old-timers of the blues scene such as the Zubira Blues Band, Boogie Brothers Band, Ito and Crush; it was an orgasmic night for all blues loving people.

First up was the Zubira Blues Band, which had Eddy onstage as guest vocalist for the night. The turn up was rather modest in the beginning.. this I attribute to the nasty new year party hangovers people were likely recovering from and ridiculous resolutions to stay sober and pure for the new year.

Ito & the Malaya Band (I may have gotten the name of the band wrong. If I did please excuse me and correct me at the comments section:)) was a hit with the growing crowd.
Not being a blues fan myself, I came to find out from the many people who crowded round the stage to catch Ito live that this uber cool cat is the 'godfather' of the blues scene in Malaysia.
I must say that nothing compares to a true veteran. He totally OWNED the stage with his groovy moves and raspy (not to mention..totally hot) voice.

And then there was the Boogie Brothers Band. They played a passable set which I found a little draggy and uninteresting, though it would be unfair on my part totally dismiss the fact that they did play a good set.

Last up was Crush.. the band with the Axl Rose-like vocalist which had the ladies knickers all wet and knotted after the first song. Belting out a series of cover songs by G&R, Aerosmith (?..memory failure) and Rage Against the Machine; they were just the band to end the night on a high note.

For the last song, funny man Harith Iskandar hopped on stage to do a little jam with the band which had the crowd in stitches! This multi-talented dood showed off his deft skills with the guitar and lyrical spontaneity.

Actress Sazzy Falak looking gorgeous as ever.

Gerry and friend

Mamak and Mirol basking in the attention of a hot chick. Ha ha.

Eddy and my main man for the night.

Khang and friend

Wokeh. More updates soon.

Bye bye.

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it's Ito & Malay Blues.

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