Monday, December 03, 2007

Year End Goodies!

How swiftly the year has passed us all by!
So much has happened in the blink of an eye!

This month of December, Laundry aims to celebrate drunken nights, momentary lapses in memory, saucy slip of tongues, wardrobe malfunctions, falling in and out of lust, and mistaken identities!

It's been an awesome year, and Laundry is ending it with a bang(!), with
Just One More Party
3 rooms, 3 different genres. A mix of international & local acts. One Party.
None of the KL traffic jam.
Think no further!
31 December 2007.
Come join us in kissing 2007 goodbye at Laundry!


Anonymous said...


I just attended last night's (December 6, 2007) Fly FM campur chart event and it was a real downer. I waited until 10pm for the event to start and when I wanted to enter, I found out that I couldn't enter without buying a drink (or some sort).

I was not alone as there were many other music fans who came for this event. All of use were stuck outside and could only look through the glass panels or stare at the LCD TVs to witness the musical performances. We couldn't dance or rock out in front of the band. As I was standing near the bar, I could notice that the inside of the venue could still hold many more people. I waited outside patiently until Bittersweet came up on stage and we still couldn't enter. We had to listen outside and couldn't gave our full support to the band we all came to see.

Before this, all musical events on Thursday nights were free and this was what made people like me support and enjoy the local music scene. Now, I don't go inside and enjoy the music for free, I do buy drinks when I go in, not just one but more than that. My friends (maybe not all) also buy drinks. We do contribute to the revenue of Laundry Bar.

Before I continue any further, I would like to point out that it was stated on the December poster/flyer that this event (Fly FM Campur Chart) is FREE ENTRY. FREE ENTRY to me means I can enter the venue (not just stand outside) and enjoy the music without purchasing any drinks beforehand.

The flyer which I mentioned is posted on your website and can be accessed by this URL:

I'm sure many of us who are stuck outside referred to this flyer before we came. All of us were cheated. I feel cheated. This is not the right way to do business. If you want to charge us, like ZOUK or other clubs, please don't state ENTRY IS FREE. Cover charge is fine with me, but cheating/false advertising is not.

I do hope Laundry Bar will have FREE ENTRY for all of its Thursday night events.

Thanks, hope to hear from you soon.

laundry bar said...

I read your comment with great regret that you and your friends felt shortchanged at last Thursday's FlyFm event. Laundry Bar does greatly appreciate such honest airing of grievances, in that it may help us better the service provided to our beloved customers.

However, from the other side of the glass panel, Laundry was merely acting in the interest of the safety and comfort of our patrons.

The glass panels were closed, with barricades erected because Laundry was operating at a nearly full capacity. If everyone had been allowed to enter, there would have been a threat of there being too many people crowded in a relatively small venue. Despite there being crowd control, there was significant moshing and crowd surfing during Bittersweet's set.
If more people had been let in, there would have been a chance of people getting hurt, and the stage being swamped.

Laundry's policy has always been to provide local musicians with a platform for their music to be heard by the masses for free, and it is encouraging to see the enthusiastic response some bands have generated, namely Hujan and last week's Bittersweet.
However, a certain degree of autonomy has to retained by the venue in terms of protecting the interests of our paying customers (who I suppose were there earlier, having found themselves a table and nice spot), the safety of our patrons, and the venue.

Prior to having executed such crowd control, furniture have been destroyed, fights have ensued, and paying customers have left; citing discomfort.

I believe that in handling this matter, Laundry Bar has been fair and unbiased.
People that night were NOT required to buy a drink (or some sort) in order to enter.
They WERE however, selectively chosen to enter because of the aforementioned reasons.

In addition to that, there were a large number of underaged kids seeking entry. If anyone were asked to purchase a drink, it may have been a misconstrued attempt by the staff to determine if they were underaged or not.

In reviewing your comment, I notice that you continually stress that the event was not FREE ENTRY.
Might I point out to you that there was no cover charge imposed, with there being a very large number of Bittersweet, Doul & Sasi the Don supporters not having bought any drinks of sort the whole night who left immediately after the last song ended.

We apologize for the misconception you and your friends experienced that night. However, Laundry remains FREE ENTRY for our Thursday nights. Note however that FREE ENTRY does not mean EVERYONE ENTRY.
We are a business which retains the right to turn away customers if there are legitimate reasons.
I sincerely hope that this will not turn you off coming to enjoy our future shows.


Anonymous said...

Hello again,

So, I was just misled to the fact that I had to buy a drink to enter. Well, I am very satisifed with the explanation you provided and I respect your decision to erect barricades in order to perform crowd control.

Well, rock fans tend to mosh and I understand how it feels to get hit and smacked around in a mosh pit as I attend rock gigs here and there.

Maybe you could have a print on the flyers (and maybe around the venue) stating about violent moshing, crowd surfing (is that not allowed?) and also pushing people around. Maybe have some security guards at those 'rocker nights' to kick those violent moshers out. Just some suggestions.

But I would like to know your selection criteria on who can enter and who cannot enter. To prevent underage kids, a simple spot check can be done (well, I think it should be simple, I could be wrong though). I am overage and I would like to enter next week's event as Republic is playing and I WON'T WANT TO MISS IT.

Thanks Laundry Bar for providing us an explanation on the issue and thanks for maintaining the FREE ENTRY rule. I laud your customer service and would like to thank the PR or whoever who took their time to provide this explanation.

See ya this coming Thursday!

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